Whippet Programme

August 2001 - January 2002


Mon. 13th Paul Aís birthday

Sun. 19th Steveís 40th birthday

Fri. 24th Elisaís birthday

Thu. 30th Daveís birthday


Sat. 1st BBQ at Kevinís - 12pm onwards

Sat. 15th Girls Night In @ Nickyís

Sat. 22nd Richardís birthday

Sat. 29th Quiz @ Nigel & Valís


Thu. 4th Aimeeís birthday

Thu. 11th Marcís birthday

Sat. 13th BYO Meal @ Toby & Nickyís (+ Xmas Draw)

Thu. 25th Kirstyís birthday

Sun. 28th Afternoon @ the Spectrum Centre


Sat. 3rd Julieís birthday

Sun. 4th Maggieís birthday

Sat. 10th Fireworks - Afterwards @ Paul & Julieís

Mon. 12th Tobyís birthday

Sat. 24th Boys Night Out


Sat. 15th Pantomime at Horsham - Afterwards @ Nigel & Valís

Sat. 22nd Adults Party @ Kevinís (to be confirmed)


Mon. 7th Valís birthday

Thu. 10th Nickyís birthday

Sat. 12th Programme Planning/Games Evening @ Dave & Gailís


When the programme was discussed - we realised that people may wish to go to certain events such as fireworks at a nearer location to their home - but we thought this programme would give us something to work on. If anybody wants to join the Horshamites at the panto ĎPeter Paní please let Gail (our local theatre booking agent) know fairly soon.


Escape from here quick.