Hi, welcome to Stage-Right!

My vision for
Stage-Right is for all children to find fun through drama, and my aim is to inspire them to free their imaginations. I also hope that I encourage children to believe that it is okay to dream.

Drama holds no boundaries - drama allows everyone to be an achiever. I hope that every child who leaves one of my classes does so bursting with confidence, full of self esteem and believing that they are special in some way.

Stage-Right is about giving children confidence and the chance to improve their listening and speaking skills, whilst at the same time developing good communication skills. Stage-Right is also about forging new friendships with other children who also enjoy drama.

... and dreams do come true - mine did - I run Stage-Right!

To find out more about
Stage-Right drama classes, take a look at the Hot News! and the other pages on our website, and if you are interested in joining our group please get in touch, we can then let you know when we're taking on new Stage-Righters! We also run a series of workshops for schools - please take a look at our For Schools and Touring Shows for Schools.

By the way, we recently received a letter from His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, for our work to highlight the issues facing the environment through the medium of drama -
take a look at the article here!

Warm regards

Miss Jeannie

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