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Download & History


These are the major download points for Media Companion, new features have been verified working and issues should now be few and far between.
New Versions are released far more regular at the Media Companion Forums (Link Above) in the announcements section.


XBMC Media Companion latest version is 2.135

Changes Since version 2.134

Bug Fix

  • Media Companion scraper thread would exit before scraping all movies


XBMC Media Companion latest version is 2.134

Main Changes Since version 2.085

New Features

  • Media Companion can now be used for .rar files, this includes multi-volume archives

  • Watched/Unwatched toggle button is added to main window.

  • Quicksave feature, Edits can now be made on the main window, ID, Actor, FIlename, and Path boxes cannot be edited.

  • Genre Filter Has Been Re-writter, now includes all IMDB filters, aswell as capability of searching by Year or Year Range.

  • List only Movies added during the current session.

  • New searches located in menu/movie - List Movies Without a Poster

  • New searches located in menu/movie - List Movies Without Fanart

  • Additional Preferences Added :- If fanart is available then don't display poster

  • Additional Preferences Added :- During autoscrape dont download posters

For those who are having issues with XBMC not seeing stacked or unstacked .tbn or fanart files I added the options:-

  • Use unstacked filename method for poster filenames

  • Use unstacked filename method for fanart filenames
    Media Companion will now see all fanart and posters, no matter which of the above methods they use, just select the method that works for your version of XBMC.

  • Searches Can Now Be Performed by Actor, click the Magnifying Glass next to the Actor Name to list all the movies with that actor.

  • Double Clicking a fanart in the browser now opens the fullsize fanart in the window and displays the resolution, much like the poster browser.

  • An option has been added in the Scraper Preferences to limit the number of actors scraped from IMDB as some movies have 100s and as has been pointed out most of those are bit part extras, and are not really needed.

  • An option has been added to the Scraper Preferences to replace the MPAA certification with the local certificate rating on IMDB, eg for the movie Dark Knight :-

    • The MPAA is :- Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and some menace.

    • The UK rating would is :- 12A

    • The USA rating eould be :- PG13


  • In an effort to speed up movie browsing I have added to the General Options the ability to disable downloading actor thumbs (The thumbs are still included in the .nfo, just not displayed in MC)

  • An option has been added to the General Options to rename existing, none compliant .nfo files to .info

  • An option has been added to the General Options to check for IMDB ID in none compliant .nfo files

  • An option has been added to the Scraper Options to disable the Output Logs.

  • The Delete Button has been re-written and can now delete all files relating to a movie to the re-cycle bin. A dialogue opens listing all the to delete and these can be checked if you wish. For DVD Folders, and people Using Folder Mode then the folder can also be deleted.

  • An experimental feature has been added to the TV Show Editor that allows custom thumbnails to be created using ffmpeg.exe, i've included this file in the download. At the moment an screen shot is grabbed from 20 seconds into the Media FIle. If this works as expected I will expand the feature to include a setting that controls how long into a file to grab the screenshow and maybe to create a screenshot when scraping if no thumb exists on TVDB

  • A download progress bar has been added to the download trailer function

  • A browse drive/url has been added to the fanart browser

  • I've changed the way the IMDB scraper works for movies that don't contain a year, it should be more accurate now. Names that include the release year (ie "moviename (xxxx),avi") are still the most accurate way to scrape and sometimes the only way.

  • The Fanart and Poster Browsers are now directly accessible from the main Movie Page, since most things are editable without entering the edit form it seemed natural to add this. Having to go into the edit form for every new movie and browse fanarts was a pain.

  • The Movie/TV Shows Radio Selector has now gone from the front of the MenuStrip, They can be located in the Menu Bar under "Media Mode" or by using "F1"(movies) or "F2"(TV Shows) to switch between them.



  • HTML character translation is now working properly

  • File in use error when saving edits or rescraping should now be fixed

  • Filenames converted to lowercase when using stacknames for fanart, posters etc

  • Creating the multi episode capability broke the episode regex import ability

  • When exiting the Poster Browser and no poster is available then an exception was raised

  • Saving a Poster from Poster Browser did not also save folder.jpg

  • Fanart was still scraped when disabled in the preferences

  • Unhandled Exception was Raised if if folders are missing (ie disconnected removable drives, offline mapped drives, etc)

  • Missing last episode in TV episode list

  • Newline in the plot information will now be encoded to "
" This is only for movies at present. Old style will now load properly into MC although it will need to be resaved to keep complience with XBMC

  • http://" added to trailer URLs

  • Saving Cropped Posters was Broke

  • Entering Poster URL Manually was broke, this has been moved to the poster browser window.

  • Using thr IMDB German Mirror saved the rating with a ,(Comma) this is now replaced with a "." to allow sorting by XBMC

  • The Program Close Dialogue only appears if the program is busy scraping.

  • The Edit Movie dialogue only appears if there are changes that would be lost.

  • Fanart and Poster Browsers now close after an image has been selected and saved



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 2.085

Main Changes Since version 1.911

  • The Main Movie Scraper Now runs on a separate thread, the rest of the program remains functional.

  • The TV Episode Scraper now runs on it's own thread much like the Movie Scraper, progress is displayed in the status bar.

  • Scanning Drives for new movies has been optimised and now only takes a few seconds

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> tag is added to nfo files to allow UTF-8 encoded text into XBMC

  • After The Scrapers have ended a full Log is output to a separate window, this can be saved.

  • Users can add custom regex for TV Shows

  • Start-up Mode has finally been enabled, The options are Start in Movie Mode, Start in TV Mode, or, Start in Last Used Mode.

  • Browsing TV Shows has been optimised

  • Support for movies with the .VOB extensions has been added, .vob files will only be added when they are not located within a DVD Folder.

  • Fanart is now obtained from themoviedb.

  • Movies scraped during a full movie scan are now added silently to the list as soon as they have scraped

  • Added - Support for <episodeguideurl> - this tag will be added to the tvshow.nfo file when first scraped or when edited, this tag allows XBMC to scrape missing episodes itself without needing an nfo file.

  • Added - Support to batch update the Votes, Rating and Top250 tags for all movies, the option is in the Drop Down Movie Menu. It runs on it's own thread and takes about 20 minutes to update this info for 1300 movies (This will depend on connection speed)

  • There is now an option in the preferences to resize fanart, this includes TV Shows and Movies, the options are 960X540, 1280x720, or keep original. If the fanart is smaller than the selected option then it is saved unaltered.

  • Support for m2ts files has been added.

  • Fanart selection for movies is now enabled and working for movies, select the fanart button in the movie edit page to view this.

  • Multiple items can be selected and deleted from the movie and tv directory listings

  • movie scraper has been optimised, scraping a single movie from IMDB is much faster, this can be seen most obviously in the rescrape movie action

  • The Poster handler has been re-written and can scrape posters from MPA, TMDb, IMDB and MPDB, the order of preference can be selected for the main scraper and the poster browser (located in the edit screen) can scrape from all 4 sources

  • Fanart should now be saved using the stack name used by XBMC, I think i've got this correct, let me know if there are any issues.

  • Multi-part files can now be called a, b, c, eg:-
    movie a.avi
    movie b.avi etc.

  • Multi-episode tv media files should now scrape and edit fine, it will probably be necessary to delete the original .nfo files created by MC then rescrape them. these nfo files are listed as separate episodes in the browser. The regex used is "([-EeXx])([0-9]+)", this will allow most commonly used naming conventions eg:-
    Episode S01E01 E02 E03.avi
    Episode S01E01 S01E02.avi
    Episode 01x01 x02.avi etc
    There is no limit to the number of episodes that can be stored in a single nfo file, so DVD rips containing multiple episodes should work fine with this method.
    All episodes stored in a single nfo file must be from a single show and a single season.

  • It is now possible to select your preferred IMDB mirror and appears to work ok. The mirrors available are :-
    It should be noted that although Italian and German mirrors have been added that the information is still English, and the German mirror contains no plot information whatsoever. I would also say that I haven't tested all these mirrors exhaustively.

In addition to the above it may be worth noting that from the last version Media Companion started using the file stack name for posters aswell as fanart. You may find that your current version of XBMC won't pick these posters up. Only the latest builds of XBMC will scrape these posters. Unfortunately, from these same builds the XBMC developers have removed the ability to scrape posters using the old unstacked format, because of this I feel I had little choice but to force people to upgrade there build.


XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.911

Main Changes Since Last Release

Fixed - If "Use available fanart as background" is not checked, then no fanart was scraped
Fixed - Adding single TV show folder caused unhandled exception
Fixed - TV Shows that had no text in the overview would display the previous overview.
Fixed - &amp; and &quot; not being translated properly in TV Shows
Fixed - Browsing left through TV Show thumbnails would use low quality thumbs.
Fixed - IMDB Actors being scraped for TV Shows even when TVDB Thumbs is selected
Fixed - When TV Shows are autoscraped after being added then season thumbs are saves as seriesxx.tbn instead of seasonxx.tbn


XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.901

Main Changes Since Last Release

Fixed - Scraper issue causing program exit

File extension ".ts" is now supported

Add TV Show handling has been re-written, this now includes :-

  • Add either single TV Show folder or

  • Root TV Folder (e.g. D:\TV\     for    D:\TV\show1            D:\TV\show2        etc)

  • Quickly scrape basic information for each show.

  • Download the full information, (thumbs, fanarts, actors) at any time

  • seasonxx.tbn local thumbs are now supported (where xx is season no)

NEW : Save a HTML List of all your movies, hot linked to IMDB.



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.827

Main Changes Since Last Release

File extension ".bin" is now supported
File extension ".ogm" is now supported

Support for year sensitive searches, the format is eg :- movietitle (2004).avi      [2004] would also work

Most bugs that people have emailed me about have been eliminated in this version. People who were having lots of crashes during scraping should find this version much improved.

Bug which caused error when drive root was added (System Volume Information) has now been fixed. Drive root can now be added without issues.

TV Show and Episode nfo files can be edited now, this still needs a little work but is largely functional.

Get media file information using Medianfo.dll (this is included in the download rar and must be extracted to the same folder as the executable)




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.8

Main Changes Since Last Release

IMDB Scraper Faults
(awaiting 5 votes) now returned correctly
Year not turned correctly for some movies eg "Immortel (ad vitam) (2004)" would return "ad v" as year fixed
Movie Titles with French Characters were not found during the intitial scrape fixed
HTML not removed from plot when there is a link to an actor or character fixed
Same as above but plot overview cuts off when it comes to HTML fixed
Pipe sometimes scraped on overview of some movies fixed
Rating and Votes not being scraped anymore

Improvements to the IMDB Scraper - to increase correct movie ratio
Video Games should not be scraped anymore
Most of the crap from filenames should now be removed.
ie. movietitle.divx.ac3.dvdrip.subtitles.r5.avi will now only search for movietitle, the rest is dropped.

The Movie ID returned from IMDB search is still the first one listed under Titles(Exact Matches) unless Popular Titles result is exactly the same as search term, then popular title is used.
"Fun With Dick and Jane"
will return exact match "Fun with Dick and Jane" 1977 version.
"Fun with Dick and Jane" 2005 version. for popular titles
In this instance, most of the time, the popular title will be the correct one.
If no exact match is available then the scraper will default to whatever is available.

TVDB Scraper Faults fixed
Language setting not applied to title search now fixed
TV Episode plot information not getting all lines from TVDB and missing </plot> tag fixed

When adding a TV Show Folder then the program needed to be restarted for the TV Show to display fixed
Program TVDB settings reverting back to English on each startup fixed

Support for fanart has been fixed, Fanart.jpg is now downloaded for each movie from This will be either when a movie is scraped, when a movie nfo is refreshed, or when the option scrape fanart for all movies is selected from the movie menu. Only one fanart is downloaded to avoid causing excessive bandwidth on



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.731

Main Changes Since Last Release

New Feature
Support has been added for DVD Folders. VIDEO_TS.nfo and tbn files are created.
If the path is movietitle\VIDEO_TS\DVD files then the movie will be listed as movietitle.
If the path is movietitle\DVD files the movie will still be listed as movietitle.
enable this option in the preferences screen to find VIDEO_TS.IFO files when scanning for movies.

Bugfix - TV Shows Not Scraping Correctly if "tt" prefix not on IMDB ID

Bugfix - Actors from wrong TV Show been loaded for new show.

Bugfix - TV Series Thumbs are now compatible with XBMC (Can be imported)

Bugfix - TV Series Thumb Scraper has been improved, download order is now more accurate, wide screen thumbs are given priority, then normal if wide are not available.

Bugfix - Fanart Thumb Urls are also stored in the nfo file and can be browsed via XBMC

Bugfix - Movie listbox would needlessly rebuild when exiting preferences without saving

Bugfix - In the preferences window the enable fanart for movies option was not saved

Bugfix - The add folder button and menu item on the main page did not add the folder to the preferences

This program looks best on resolutions of 1024x768 or greater, however, for those who are using lower resolutions and can't see all of the preferences window, if you maximize the window and are using a lower resolution then scrollbars are now enabled.

If you find any unresolved issues then please Email me




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.707

Main Changes Since Last Release

Bugfix - A Slideshow Delay Setting of zero would cause an unhandled exception.

Bugfix - Movies for people who use foldernames would not list

Bugfix - Preferences not saving properly

Bugfix - InvalidCastException on start-up fixed

Bugfix - Label on main form "Total Episodes" not displaying

Improvement to Folder Navigation. When using folder browsers on the preferences screen the last folder used is now remembered.

This release seems to eliminate all of the issues that were introduced in version 1.70 If you find any unresolved issues then please Email me




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.700

Main Changes Since Last Release

Several routines causing instability for many people have been completely re-written

The overall speed of the program has been greatly improved, especially with regard to TV Shows.

"votes" has been removed from scraped information - just the number is scraped now

Series has been changed to Season in TV Shows

Fanart Slideshow is now possible for movies/TV Shows with multiple fanarts.

(Warning :- If Slideshow has been enabled in the preferences then a value of more than 0 must be entered into the delay setting to avoid an exception. This will be fixed in the next release.)

To use this the fanart must be available in the following format :-



moviename-fanart3jpg        etc.

or for TV Shows



fanart3.jpg        etc.

If you use the program to scrape these then they will be named like this automatically.



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.615

Main Changes Since Last Release

Numerous causes of instability have been addressed

TV Shows of incomplete seasons would not display after missing episode now fixed

TV Show Specials now work with S00Exx or 00x01 etc

File Extension .rmvb has been added to media scanner

moviename-fanart can now be displayed as a backdrop to the movie

fanart.jpg stored within the root folder of a TV Show can now be set as the backdrop for that TV show/Episode.

Transparency has been added to the textboxes to improve the appearance of the above fanarts.

The above fanart and transparency settings are located in the preferences screen.

A preferences button has been added to the menu strip

Trailers scraped from IMDB can now be downloaded to local drive as (No Progress Bar Yet)

A Button has been added to open current movie in default browser at IMDB

A Button has been added to open current TV Show in default browser at TVDB

Notification of newer version has been added




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.521

Bugfix Update

Numerous causes of instability have been addressed

An error.log file is now created to help me debug the application



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.490

Bugfix Update

Numerous possible causes of instability have been addressed

Fixed - TV Show regex error occurred with format 01x01.  last digit was not picked up.

Fixed - If TVDB sort order is set to "dvd" and returns 0 results then "default order" will be tried. nfo will not be saved with incomplete information

Fixed - Change to DVD/Default order would not be saved properly

Fixed - <Director> and </Director> in the <director> tag. <Writer> in the credits tag, and the <GuestStars> </GuestStars> in with the actors.



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.482

Small Update

TV Show Fanart now saved as fanart.jpg, fanart2.jpg for XBMC compatibility.

Option added to Menu/Movie/Scan all movies for fanart.



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.481

Main Changes since last release:-

Support for TV Shows have been added.

TV Shows can be scraped from

Individual shows must be contained within one root folder and these root folders must be added one at a time i.e.

  • C:\tv\24\

would be added separate from

  • C:\tv\Lost\

C:\tv\     would not work

It doesn't matter how the shows are organised within this folder/subfolders as long as each root folder added only contains one show.

In order to make this work it was necessary to include a couple of extra xml tags within the tvshow.nfo file. These are :-

  • <id>tt0092455</id>                    -    This contains the IMDB ID of the tv show, to allow more detailed cast information from individual episodes.

  • <tvdbid>71470</tvdbid>             -    This contains the TVDB Show ID, needed to scrape episodes.

You will only need to do the above once, on adding a new TV Show Folder. These tags do not affect XBMC compatibility.

When you add a TV Show folder the program will first check if tvshow.nfo exists within the root. If it does not then you will be given the option to scrape this from TVDB. This must be done before the folder will be added.

If tvshow.nfo exists and it contains valid xml data then you will be given the option to add the above tags (NOTE - The data contained within the XML will not be altered. The above tags will merely be inserted, or edited if it already contains empty <id></id> tags).

If the tags already exist then the folder will be added straight away. (If you need to re-add them at some time in the future)

Preferences available for TVDB are :-

  • Language

  • Episode sort order (DVD order, or Default (Usually aired order)

  • Banners and Fanart is downloaded from TVDB. Main Banner is saved as folder.jpg, fanart as tvshow-fanart.jpg, tvshow-fanart-1.jpg, etc

  • Series jpg URL's are included within the nfo files

  • Ability to get actor info from IMDB for tvshow.nfo and/or episode-title.nfo

In order that 100% accuracy is maintained then I recommend that you check the show episode order as listed on TVDB. The scraper uses Series No and Episode No and if the orders are different then the wrong information will be scraped for out of order episodes. (Sometimes this is as simple as selecting use DVD order as episodes may differ from aired order)

As above, if you are getting the actors from IMDB for the TV Show episodes then I would recommend that you check the order of your TV shows compared to IMDB. If the episode order is different then the wrong actors will be downloaded

Compatible naming would be any filename including S01E01 or s01e01 etc, or 1x1 or 1 x 1 (02x01 would be ok) etc where the first number would be the season and the second number, the episode.

Movie fanart can now be obtained automatically from

Enable in preferences, Available images saved as "moviename-fanart.jpg", "moviename-fanart2.jpg", "moviename-fanart.jpg", etc.

Naming convention added for multi-part movies now includes "pt1"  ,  "pt.1" ,  "pt-1"  ,  "pt_1"  ,  "pt 1"

Bug Fix - IMDB trailer URL now include XML codes to be compatible with XBMC.




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.229

Main Changes since last release:-

Trailer URL is now added to nfo file

If available on IMDB.

Play Trailer button will now start this url as a process. This will allow people to dl and play the media. If a movie.trailer.avi file exists then the url is ignored.

Re-scrape movie to add trailer.

Create Folder.jpg has been added.

In the preferences screen there is now the option to create folder.jpg for each folder. This option is only available to those who use the folder name option.

if enabled folder.jpg will be added during scrape or re-scrape.

To add folder.jpg it is not necessary to re-scrape. Just enter the edit form and save. If this option is selected then the folder.jpg will be added.

Various improvements to exception handling.

Movies which return no thumbs now remain blank, animation to empty picture box is disabled.

Menu File / Exit now works.



XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.221

Main Changes since last release:-

3 preferences have been added for playing media files :-

  1. Use default player (this will be whatever program has ".m3u" set as file association.

  2. Use Windows Media Player - will open with WMP

  3. Browse to your own player. If you want to set a different player than above without changing file associations.

Whatever you decide the preference will be saved to the config, as will the player path for option 3.

Limited support for trailers has been added. trailer filenames compatible with XBMC are supported i.e. :-

  • moviename.trailer.avi


  • moviename-trailer.avi

The extensions don't have to be the same (if I've missed any out then let me know)

Multipart movies would have the trailer named as the first part (

A "play trailer" button appears next to the play movie button if such a trailer file exists.

Several Spelling Mistakes have been fixed

Only one instance of XBMC Media Companion can run now

Bug causing exception when trying to play media possibly fixed




XBMC Media Companion latest version is 1.210

Main Changes since last release:-

I've created a new form for preferences although its looking a bit bare at the moment. The options to use folder names and overwrite existing thumbs have been moved here. This page also lists media folders that have been added, and gives the user the ability to remove folders as well as add them. The options previously located in the main menu bar are gone.

A couple of appearance options have been added letting users choose the foreground and background colours

Program window can now be enlarged for monitors larger than 1024*768 and all the controls are scaled accordingly.

Program Window can also be reduced, scroll bars are added if it gets below a certain size

Spelling error in the tool tip for the scan folders button fixed ;)

Bug Causing crash when IMDB returned more than 100 actors fixed

Nice animated Zoom has been added to the movie thumbnail displayed in the main program window. Hover mouse over thumbnail to see,



XBMC Media Companion is 1.113

Main Changes since last release:-

Thumbnail browsing has been changed in the edit screen. - A zoom feature has been added as well as image details, i.e. x,y, file size. The ability to directly to any thumb has also been added. Movie Browsing still works with zoom enabled.
Thumbnail cropping changed slightly to allow single click to work properly.

IMDB scraper hit accuracy should be improved. Exact matches are now used before popular matches.

Play movie should also handle stacked movies now, a play list is created and played via default player.

I think i may have fixed problem with movie trailer been scanned - let me know.

A search for duplicate movies has been added - it uses the Title field within the nfo file. Let me know how it works.