By Bill Broadhurst and Harry Welsh


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Photographic History Belfast Fire Brigade.
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Fire in James Clow and Co. Prince's Dock Belfast.

One of the many great fires which were attended during the early part of the twentyth century was that of
Messrs James Clow and Company Limited. Prince's Dock Belfast.

Fire as a result of terrorist bomb explosion.
           Dublin Road Belfast 1971.

As a result of an IRA bomb attack on the city during The Troubles in 1971, a factory in Dublin road was destroyed.
It was most unfortunate that after the fire was extinguished a young Salvation Army girl was killed
when a wall collapsed onto her while recovering property from the Salvation Army premises next door to the fire.

Fire as a result of a terrorist bomb.
   Lower Donegal Street Belfast.

As a result of an IRA bomb attack the premises of Price Rite Lower Donegal Street
were set on fire and destroyed during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

A photographer captures the moment of an explosion which was the result of a terrorist attack
on the premises of The Housing Executive in College Square Belfast.
The fire which resulted from the explosion was dealt with by the brigade who were also hampered
by the risk of further explosive devices.

        An IRA bomb attack on 
The Housing Executive premises.
        College Square Belfast.