Old Fire Brigade Photographs.
Examples of Crests. Badges.and Medals.
Photographs of Chief Fire Officers.
Northern Ireland Fire Authority.
Lisburn Fire Brigade.
Bangor Fire Brigade.
Carrickfergus Fire Brigade.


President...................................Colin Lammey
Vice.President.......................John McClelland
Secretary........................................Alan Harper
Chairperson....................................Louis Jones
Treasurer............................Murray Armstrong
Archivist....................................Bill Broadhurst
Health & Safety............................Roy Coulter
Education & Research........Brian McClintock
Events Organiser......................Clive Hamilton
Appliance & Equipment.........Tony Henderson

Correspondance with the Historical Society should be addressed to:-

Mr. Alan Harper. Secretary.
Northern Ireland Fire Services Historical Society.
Fire Brigade Headquarters
1 Seymour Street
BT27 4SX

The Northern Ireland Fire Services Historical Society was formed in 2002 with a view to promoting a knowledge and understanding into the historical organisation of past fire brigades in Northern Ireland. In so-doing to also record and preserve to the best of their ability, documents, records, photographs and miscellaneous items of equipment pertaining to that service.

The Society meet once a month. - Each meeting varying between different locations and fire stations.

In the past they have visited:-
The Fire Station Aldergrove (Belfast International Airport)
Brown's Coachworks Lisburn (Fire engine bodywork builders)
The Main Fire Brigade Control Room. (Lisburn Headquarters)

Further visits have been arranged throughout the calendar year to:
The Fire Research Department. (University of Ulster Jordanstown)
The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. (Cultra Co. Down)
The Public Records Offices. (Balmoral Avenue Belfast)

Lisburn Dennis Pump DZ 6866.

On 6th March 2004, the Historical Society took part in a fire engine cavalcade through Lisburn City,
(Manning the 65 year old Dennis Fire engine DZ 6866) on the occasion of
the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade receiving the Freedom of the City of Lisburn.

        Mayor of Lisburn Billy Bell
   Chief Fire Officer Colin Lammey
                David Lennox 
The Fire Services Historical Society

The Mayor of Lisburn Billy Bell along with Chief Fire Officer Colin Lammey and David Lennox a member of the Fire Services Historical Society at Lagan Valley Island on the occasion of the Conferment of the Freedom of the City of Lisburn 6th March 2004.

         John McClelland speaking to 
    members of The Historical Society 
about the history of Newry Fire Brigade

On Saturday 29th May the Historical Society met at Newry fire station, where the Ex-Chief fire officer John McClelland spoke on the history of the Newry Fire Brigade. On a walk round tour of the station his talk was given aided by the many photographs, old uniforms and equipment associated to Newry that align the corridors. After the tour John was thanked on behalf of the Society and presented with the Tom Geraghty and Trevor Whitehead book entitled "The Dublin Fire Brigade" A history of the brigade, the fires & the emergencies. as a small gift and a reminder of the day.

A meeting of the Society took place at The Kilbroney Vintage Vehicle Rally which was held on Saturday 4th September at which over 1,000 vintage vehicles took part from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland. The historical society set up their control unit which displayed inside and out, old photographs, of various brigades associated to Northern Ireland.

The Society Secretary Clive Hamilton relaxing in the shade at Kilbroney.

The Historical Society met on Wednesday 3rd November 04.
at the Public Records Office for Northern Ireland, and were given a talk and conducted tour by PRONI representative Miss Janet Hancock.
Janet outlined their system of how stored records were listed, explaining how they could be retrieved for reading using the facilities provided.

Janet Hancock (PRONI)----------------Brendon Campbell (PRONI)

During the tour of the premises, Mr Brendon Campbell from the Conservation Department explained how documents are restored and preserved for future generations.

On Thursday 17th February 2005 the Historical Society had the privilege of attending a civic dinner given by North Down Borough Council at the Town Hall Bangor to celebrate 100 years of the Fire Service within Bangor. BBC Northern Ireland presented their live weather forecast with Bangor Town Hall as the backdrop, while in the foreground members of the society were dressed in various uniforms associated to the fire brigade.
The old Bangor fire brigade hand cart from 1905 was also on display, and a hand siren was operated sounding how the brigade were in years past turned out to fire calls.

 A BBC Northern Ireland
       live broadcast

The Mayor of North Down Alderman Mrs Valerie Kinghan welcomed past and present serving members of the Brigade to a reception and dinner in the Castle funtion rooms to commemorate 100 years of service to the citizens of Bangor.

The Function room
  at the Town Hall
The Castle, Bangor-------   The Civic Dinner
  at the Town Hall
The Castle, Bangor

Ex Sub Officer Joe O'Loughlin from Belleek fire station (County Fermanagh) is a talented local historian, and one of his main interests is recording and writing about aeroplane crashes that occurred during the second world war in Ireland. In one of his recent publications "The Donegal Corridor" he mentioned the story of a B17 which had crashed onto the Cave Hill just outside Belfast on 1st June 1944 killing all the young American air crew. The crash was attended by the Belfast Brigade.

Many years later however a man who lived locally was examining the area of the crash site in 1966 whenever he found what appeared to be a metal washer. Upon taking it home and having it cleaned it turned out to be a wedding ring with the name of its owner (One of the dead crewmen) engraved inside. He sought out the American crewmans wife who had since re-married and made the trip to America to re-unite her with the ring.

Now a film entitled "Closing the Ring" with the theme of the story of the ring running through it has been made and Directed in Northern Ireland by Lord Richard Attenborough.
The historical society have been involved helping and assisting in its making and we all look eagarly forward to its general release in 2007.

Tony Henderson from the Historical Society preparing to transport Dennis DZ6866 on a low loader to the plane crash scene for the film "Closing the Ring"

Tony's better side for the camera. (This could be his big break)


____A line up of extras playing the part of Firemen, Ambulance men, Police and G.I.'s_________________________ The fire crew prepare for action.

"And - Action"


_________________ The Belfast Blitz scene from the film._____________________________________________ Lord Richard Attenborough Directing on set.

On Wednesday 7th March 2007, Bill Broadhurst represented the Northern Ireland Fire Services Historical Society and addressed the Lisburn Historical Society at the Lisburn Linen Museum to give a talk on "The History of the Lisburn Fire Brigade"


_________________ Bill Broadhurst (left) being welcomed by Finney O'Sullivan.___________________________ A section of the Lisburn Historical Society.