Skin Scope Will:
- Read your skins moisture level

- Read your skins oil level

- Read your skins pore size

- Read your skins wrinkle depth

- Test your skins elasticity

- Test your skins transparency (sun damage)

- Test your skins sensitivity

- Create YOUR bespoke skin type analysis and description from your readings and results          £30.00 - 45 mins

Collin Facials for Ladies and Gents          

Essential Treatment
The ideal starting point to ensure your skin receives what it needs at the beginning of your journey into specialised skin care and Beautiful skin for life.After which your personal beauty prescription will be designed for you.


The Eye Expertise Professional Treatment
This innovative treatment uses gentle micro-current stimulus to reduce lines and wrinkles and lift and firm the eyelid. Yoiur delicate eye area will be radiant, lines diminished (by over 40/%) and puffiness and dark shadows reduced.


The Perfecting Pore Purifying Professional Treatment
This treatment reduces dilated skin pores and insists on a smooth, matte complexion whilst respecting the skin's fundemental needs.

Skin Scope

The Skin Scope computerised technology ensures that you never but unsuitable products again.

If you have brought numerous skincare products in the past but been disappointed with their effects, you have been  using a product that is not suited to your skin type and itís needs. The Skin Scope from Collin UK is a computerised skin analysis system, which uses a highly advanced camera scope capable of accurately analysing your skin whilst measuring itís needs. The advanced software within the system guides your Therapist to  design you a bespoke corrective treatment plan and homecare prescription, because getting it right means getting the results that you really want - beautiful skin for life.
The AlgoMask Professional Treatment
The moisturising power of marine extracts. It's intense surge of moisturising active ingredients and freshness provides your skin with vitality and radiance.


The Radiance Renewing Profesional Treatment
This treatment kick starts the natural anti-ageing of the skin. Extreme levels of hydration are put back into the skin whilst a natural protection against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB are observed.


The Anti-Ageing Calming Professional Treatment
For strenghtening all skin which has become fragile, for treating red, sensitive skin, hormonal non-oily acne and acne rosacea. Your skin will be totally strengthened, redness reduced instantly, whilst combating the signs of ageing.


3D Youth Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment
A unique lifting facial. A hands-on version of a non-surgical face lift. Facial contours are remodelled and lifted whilst the wrinkle depth is considerably reduced.


Regenerating Professional Peeling Treatment
A relaxing skin resurfacing treatment. A hands-on version of microdermabrasion. A resurfacing treatment that promotes 'new skin' growth. Excellent for wrinkle reduction, acne scarring, dull lifeless skin and sun damage.


Lifting Hydrating Professional Treatmnet
Total relaxation plus drainage with the unique Collin Cryo Sphere Massage. A complete four stage treatment - deep cleansing, intense rehydration, nourishment and lifting and firming.


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