Modern Shotokan Karate is derived from the original form introduced into Japan by Gichin Funakoshi, an Okinawa teacher. 'Shotokan' is derived from Funakoshi's calligraphy pen-name 'Shoto' coupled with 'kan' meaning 'school'.

Age, sex or even disability, (within limits) are not restrictions on practising this style because there is no emphasis on one particular aspect of training.
Progress depends only on ability and the application of dedicated effort. As well as developing all-round physical well-being, the ability to defend oneself better increases self-confidence. You make the best of your physical ability without over-developing muscles. Unlike some activities, exercise is an incidental but necessary part of Karate, not an end in itself. This avoids boredom. You are never expected to go beyond your natural limitations but to extend them through the application of tested methods.