Mark Milnes

Mark Milnes creates work which is usually abstract and geometric, and demonstrates

an interest in the interrelation of bold, simple shapes. His images and forms are usually composed

of similar or identical forms repeated in rhythmical progression.


He has created work in a variety of media since graduating in 1995, and is currently engaged

with drawing in pencil and charcoal; oil paintings; screenprinting; and mild steel sculpture.

All of this work is linked by its concern with simple geometry and repetition.


Mark’s sculptural work has made use of scrap materials either found or sourced cheaply from local suppliers. Often the shapes used require little intervention or alteration: off-cuts from laser cutting processes have sufficient interest to make them ideal for use in artworks.


Mark studied at Sculpture at Bretton Hall College and Art History at the Open University.

He is an associate member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors, and currently works as

Exhibitions Coordinator at Batley Art Gallery, whilst also managing his own community interest company, Creative Arts Hub.


For further information contact Mark Milnes at or on 07709 259893