Broadcast Stations in the British Isles.
Cable, Satellite and Inductive Loop.

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This page lists broadcasters using any other means of transmission (categorised into one of three groups) and also allocated frequencies that are not currently in use.

Inductive Loop Broadcasters.

This group consists mainly of student or hospital stations broadcasting to a very small area, usually just a few buildings on a campus. Reception is possible on ordinary radios.

Satellite Broadcasters.

These broadcasters transmit from within the UK or Ireland. It does not list any transmissions from abroad. See a list of satellite broadcasters for that information.

Cable Broadcasters.

These broadcasters operate on local cable tv systems. Reception is possible on normal radios providing they are connected to the cable system output jack.

Any of the stations below may also operate as an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) station from time to time. Any such operation will be listed on the RSL page here.

Note that a few free-radiating student and hospital stations are now starting to appear and they are listed in the main AM and FM sections rather than here.

Unlicenced stations are not listed on this page. It is hoped to include a listing of such stations at a later date but workloads currently prevent this.

Asda FMsatStores in UK
BHBNcabletv soundBirmingham
B-1000 Radio Brunelind loop999Brunel University
BBC Radio 1satEurope
BBC Radio 2satEurope
BBC Radio 3satEurope
BBC Radio 4satEurope
BBC Radio 5satEurope
BBC World ServicesatEurope
C4 Radioind loop999Christchurch
Cambridge University Radioind loop945University of Cambridge
Campus Radiofm rslUniversity of Manchester / UMIST / MMU
CRMKcableMilton Keynes
Cruise FMcableAndover, Salisbury, Romsey
Crush AMind loop999Hertfordshire
Eclipse FMUA cableSutton, Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond
Fresh Air FMfm rslEdinburgh University
G FMsatelliteGranada Motorway Services
ICE FMfm rslNewcastle University
Imperial College Radioind loop999Imperial College London
KUBEfm rslKeele University
Livewireind loop945University of East Anglia (Norwich)
Loughborough Campus Radioind loop963 Loughborough University
Max FMVideotron cable98.5
Network FMind loop963Leeds University
Radio Airtheyind loop963 Stirling University
Radio Ramairind loop 945Bradford University
Radio Ramaircable98.0 Bradford
Radio Victorycable95.6 Hampshire
Shreek Radioind loop963Swansea University
Sweet FMfm rslGlasgow University
Homebase FMsatStores in UK
UKC Radioind loop999University of Kent
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)sat
University Radio Bathind loop 963 Bath University
University Radio Bailriggind loop963closedLancaster University
University Radio Bailriggfm 50mW87.7Lancaster University
University Radio Essexind loop999Essex University
University Radio Exeterind loop963Exeter University
University Radio Glenind loop963Southampton University
University Radio Falmerind loop999Sussex University
University Radio Hullind loop1602Hull University
University Radio Nottinghamind loop1602 Nottingham University
University Radio Surreyind loop1602Surrey University
University Radio Yorkind loop999York University
Virgin RadiosatEurope
Virgin Megastore RadiosatStores in UK
W963ind loop963Warwick University
Wakefield ?ind loop945 ?
World Radio Network (WRN)satEurope

Unused Frequency Allocations.

Below is a list of AM frequency allocations in the British Isles that for some reason or other are not currently in use. They are of interest because they may give clues to future allocations in the same geographical area.

FrequencyPowerLocationOriginal Intended Use
225-ScotlandBBC Radio 4 (allocation transferred to INR 4)
5852Shetland IslesSIBC (uses FM instead)
675100Dungarvan -
7922.5RedruthILR (uses FM instead)
819-Mid Glamorganreallocated from BBC
891-IrelandCentury Radio (closed)
9900.1LondonderryILR (uses FM instead)
9991.6BodminILR (uses FM instead)
11432Dublin Century Radio (closed)
11435Cork Century Radio (closed)
1368-West LothianILR - project abandoned
1386- StratfordBBC CWR uses FM instead
1413-CoventryBBC CWR uses FM instead
1485-OxfordReallocated from BBC