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Broadcasts in English

The B14 (Winter 2014-15) edition has now sold out. The A15 (Summer 2015) edition will be published in late April. It may be ordered in advance and will be despatched as soon as it is available.

Broadcasts in English is compiled by BDXC's Dave Kenny, Tony Rogers and Alan Roe. It includes details of all known international broadcasts in English on shortwave and mediumwave for the current schedule period, as well selected domestic English-language broadcasts on short wave.

The 32-page booklet is in a handy time order throughout and covers all target areas worldwide. Transmitter sites are included where possible along with schedules for Media & Mailbag Programmes, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) services in English and World Radio Network European services in English. This edition also includes an hour-by-hour guide to external services in English which are available online as well as a guide to music programmes on shortwave.

Getting a Copy

Broadcasts in English is sent free to all members of the British DX Club. Copies are also available to non-members at the following prices (postage included):

If you would like an electronic copy in pdf format rather than the printed copy this is available on request. Price for the pdf version as per the UK rates above. The pdf document will be sent to you via e-mail.

How to Pay