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DX / Media / Mailbag Programme Guide

A club-compiled list giving times and frequencies for programmes of interest to DXers and radio enthusiasts. Updated May 2015.

Africa on Shortwave

A comprehensive country-by-country guide to domestic and external broadcasts from Africa, including selected opposition and target broadcasts to the African continent. The document is in pdf format. Updated May 2015.

Afghanistan on Shortwave

A comprehensive guide to shortwave broadcasts to Afghanistan and the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.The document is in pdf format. Updated May 2015.

External Services on Medium Wave

A frequency-order guide to external services on medium wave from stations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Also includes some foreign and minority-language programming carried on domestic MW services. Updated May 2015.

LPAM / RSL / Community Radio Mediumwave Log

A compilation of logs of UK mediumwave Special Event, Restricted Service Licence, Low Power AM, Community Radio and Irish Temporary Licence mediumwave logs as reported to BDXC's monthly journal "Communication". Updated May 2015.

Middle East on Shortwave

A comprehensive guide to shortwave radio stations in the Middle East. In country order, pdf format. Updated May 2015.

South Asia on Shortwave

A handy guide to shortwave radio stations in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. In frequency order, pdf format. Updated May 2015.

UK on Shortwave

An hour-by-hour guide to shortwave broadcasts from UK transmitter sites. Updated May 2015.

Radio Museums in the UK & Ireland

A guide to radio museums and other attractions featuring old radio equipment, together with opening times and admission details. Updated December 2014.

BDXC Communication Historical Archive

The club was founded in 1974 as TDXC and to celebrate our 40th anniversary we have scanned some of our very first issues from 1974. Unfortunately issue No 2 is missing from the archive as there are no known copies.

EDXC Conference Reports

Reports on recent conferences of the European DX Council by BDXC members. Updated November 2014.

Sheigra DX-peditions

Reports and loggings from the various trips made to Sheigra in north west Scotland by BDXC-UK members:

Offshore Radio Articles

Articles from BDXC Communication magazine about offshore radio.

Africa Reports

African DX reports from BDXC member Chris Greenway in Nairobi, Kenya and other articles about African radio.

British Isles Radio Station Reference Lists

The most up-to-date comprehensive BDXC reference available is Radio Stations in the UK. However, we intend in time to maintain an equivalent on-line resource as soon as time permits. for the moment the older - outdated - lists remain for interest only.

What On Earth Is "DX"?

Go here for an introduction to what the hobby of "DXing" is all about

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