Waltham local history
and village churches
Waltham is mentioned in the Domesday book so was here before 1086.
There was a church in the 13th 14th centuries situated around the site of the present All
Saints Church.

There are two memorial brasses of Joanna Waltham and her son and unmarried
daughter dated 1428.
Brasses dated 1400 for the parents of John of Waltham, bishop of Salisbury in 1388
And Lord High Treasurer of England, he died in 1395.

In the early 1600s the church tower had a spire, but in 1680 due to cracking it was
Restoration was carried out to the church in 1866 and 1874.
The screen to the vestry bears the famous trademark of a mouse, which is furniture
made by
Thompsons of Kilburn.

Waltham village is about 4 miles SW of Grimsby.
Over 6000 people live in the village many working in Grimsby
and factories along the Humber Bank.

Waltham is well known for it`s six sailed windmill. The original mill was a postmill built
about 1666, which was blown down in 1744 and replaced with a clunch mill with a
boarded roundhouse, this was also blown down in1873 when the present six storied,
six sailed tower mill was built using bricks, it has no balcony, has two pair of French
mill stones for flour grinding and two pair of Derbyshire mill stones for coarser grinding.