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The purpose of this site is purely as a home for the following documents. As such it follows the ‘Keep it Simple’ philosophy.


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Due to comments made on one of the newsgroups, I no longer post these FAQs on USENET. 

Some updated FAQs may be found at http://www.genealogy-britain.org.uk/

FAQ - GETTING STARTED Soc.genealogy.britain How Do I Get Started ? FAQ

FAQ - CENSUS Soc.genealogy.britain Census FAQ

FAQ - I.G.I.. Soc.genealogy.britain IGI FAQ

Downloadable Transcriptions   – An Assortment of Downloadable Transcriptions

FASTER LDS 1881 CENSUS – Install the LDS 1881 Census on your hard drive

It is my understanding that the data transcribed in these documents is in the Public Domain. If you believe that there has been any infringement of copyright please contact me at any of the email addresses shown on this page.



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