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Hi, my name is Barry, I'm a very keen aeromodler and enjoy flying Radio Control Aerobatics, Heli's and also Slope Soaring. I first started modelling round about 1959 when my dad went flying Single Channel Radio Control at Leigh, Lancashire. I was then playing around with small Gliders and Rubber Powered Models.

I give it up when I found out about girls, I soon learned that Model Flying is cheaper, so in 1974 I started up again this time doing Control Line, I joined the Bolton Model Aircraft Club and was a member there for about five or six years and also during that time became the competition secretary.

About 1980 I give up Modelling and joined the Leyland Model Engineering Club and started Model Engineering, that lasted for some ten years in which time I'd built a 3.5" gauge Rob-Roy 0-6-0 Tank Engine and part built a 5" gauge Simplex.

Model engineering is very rewarding and an interesting hobby, but is very time consuming and quite expensive so I decided to stick with Aeromodelling and started up again this time with Radio Control and have been doing it ever since.

I am a Member of the Tyldesley Model Flying Club, Blackpool & Flyde Model Club and a member of the Rivington Soaring Association. I have achieved the following BMFA Certificates:-

A & B Fixed Wing
A & B Rotary Wing
I am also a BMFA Registered Club Instructor for the Tyldesley Club.
I.M.A.C. Member 63

On this site you'll find images of my Models scanned from the photos in my collection, and (on occasion) downloaded from other places on the Net.
You'll also find a set of links to other sites of interest to Model enthusiasts.

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