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The Club has an active membership of 174 members, 91 men and 83 women. Of the men 25 are 40+ and 29 U13. The womenís figure is 21 at 40+ and 34 U13.
The biggest expense as ever has been transport, but the loss this year has been reduced due to a restructuring of prices charged. A point to note is on a few occasions the bus provided was underóutilized significantly. This was largely down to the seniors, so remember if only a few of you are going, why not share cars? We did have some good sponsorship, and in all a much better year financially than in previous years,
Text Box: The 2004 Cleethorpes AGM took place at the Club HQ hut on Tuesday 27 Jan 04 at 7:54pm
Track & Field
The senior menís year was not so good, but our ladies did well to com 3rd in their division, just missing out on promotion. This new season starts with the men & women competing jointly, with the club placed in this new system in the 3rd division. Not a bad place to start. The junior womenís team did well as did our juniors competing in the Young Athletes League, remaining in Division 1. The average turnout for the Young Athletes was a very credible 30 plus for each meeting, not an easy feat. Well done to all.
Text Box: Cross Country
Again the U17ís did the club proud, with a core of 30 runners including a number of U11ís. These youngsters ran very well winning more medals then previous years, largely due to their hard work and the work of their coaches, Barry Dobbs and John Cullum. The menís senior cross country support has been very disappointing with very few competitors from Cleethorpes AC.
Road Races
A successful year, with the club putting on 4 x Croxby, 2 x Covenham, 2 x 5 milers, the Winter 5k prom series and the NYD 10K. A total of 14 races, with when combined with Track and field and other events brought in a 1/4 of the clubs revenue.
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