Religion on Tékumel is, like everything else, complex and strange. 

One should never forget the the gods are REAL. They have been met by ordinary mortals in the midst of their ordinary lives, they have intervened to save their faithful servants, they have on occasion smitten their enemies.

Only a fool is an atheist on Tékumel, the evidence for the existence of deities is overwhelming. On the other hand only a fool could say he understands the gods; they are as unfathomable to man as man is to an ant.

As the great Priest Pavár said:

'The Gods are like stones seen through rippling water. They are neither of the shape we see, nor are They quite where we see Them. We know their reality. The seeker can plunge his hand into the current and touch the stones; thus it is slippery, cool and distant from our ken. They are the Gods. [Scroll XXXIX, Stanza 76]

There is no universal agreement on the number of deities, nor their natures, nor their relationship with man and their other worshippers and the Gods themselves are not saying anything consistent.

The definitive book on Tsolyáni religion is Mitlanyál, Vols 1 & 2, Robert Albert and MAR Barker, Zottola Publishing 2004.

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