The Inner Sphere
This site is dedicated to the fantasy world of Tékumel, created by MAR Barker, and the setting for Master of Order's eponymous RPG.

Most RPGs are set in vaguely medieval worlds inspired by various varieties of European myth, but Tékumel is very different. Professor Barker is a an expert in Mesoamerican and Asian languages and his world reflects this interest (with added Lovecraftian horror, some fairly crazy pulp SF elements and politics so convoluted and lethal that they would make Machiavelli gibber). 

The history of Tékumel is documented in numerous other places and if you want to know more look at the Links section.

This site will cover my own additions to the Tékumel background and MOO's rules. It is definitely unofficial and 'non-canonical' and doubtless large bits of it will be superseded by future publications, and possibly contradicted by background  material on Tékumel I haven't read yet. 

Any praise, condemnation, invitations to an incineration or streblosis etc. please contact your humble servant:

Barry Blatt

Ksarul's Other Cohort

What's New?
7/5/08 Added new Links and a new OEPT Rules section.
5/5/07 Added Temple of Gruganu page and The Grand Kevuk Championship.
7/4/07 Added Temple of Uchsvun page, added a few links.
2/3/07 Added Religion in Kilalammu and the Temple of Thek pages.
10/2/07 Added new sections to the Ksarul page, notes on Criticals and Fumbles in combat and the Clan of the Wooden Smile.
5/2/07 Joined the Tekumel Webring. See bottom of page.
4/2/07 Absolutely everything. Finally got round to launching this site. There are quite a few loose ends, but on the whole it seems to work. I will be adding to it and correcting it bit by bit; could any kind soul who can point out the most glaring cock-ups please e-mail me.

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