The creatures of Tékumel are very diverse. In addition to the indigenous species the colonists of the Humanspace Alliance brought many more from their own homeworlds to Tékumel as specimens in zoos, to farm and as reminders of home to decorate their colonies and enclaves. The current fauna and flora are a mixture from at least fourteen different worlds.

In the great disaster the various plants and animals met and mixed, and in the manner of living beings competed and either thrived or went extinct. Unfortunately for humanity, it was usually the nastiest predators from the old hunting preserves who did well.

Add to this some unfortunate experiments in genetic engineering, mutations caused by the 'thinning of reality' in Tékumel's new pocket universe and a hefty dose of gamma rays from the nastier wars of the Latter Times and you will see why a walk in the woods can be hair-raising in the extreme.


In all cases I have added a few details of my own to the descriptions, and updated the stats for T:EPT. If in any case I have not credited someone's work, please let me know.


My own invention


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