1936 ~ 1937

George VI - Crown
1 Crown = 5 Shillings
= 60 old pence = 25 new pence

Stanley Baldwin.
PM 1923-4, 1924-29

1936 - Death of George V, abdication of Edward VIII and accession of George VI.

Germany had been re-arming for some time and now moved into the Rhineland, an area denied them by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.
European powers responded with a fatal policy of "wait and see".

BBC Television begin broadcasts with sound from Alexandra Palace.

Jarrow protest march highlights plight of workers in the North.

Sir Frank Whittle invented the jet engine and helicopter invented by H Focke.

1937 - Neville Chamberlain became Prime Minister.

William D Bunning, Skelton's Gamekeeper.
On the left, facing the camera.
[Photograph kindly contributed by William's grand-daughter, Barbara Shaw.]

April - The Government instituted the Air Raid Wardens service. During the next year close on a quarter of a million men volunteered nationwide.

The Councillors for Old Skelton were H C R Morris, R Young, Herbert Clough, Fred Hatfield.

For North Skelton Richard Morgan and George Oxborough.

The following persons and occupations were listed in Skelton for this year:-

Old Skelton.

The Castle - Col William Henry Anthony Wharton
Gamekeeper - William Bunning
Rectory - Rev Robert Warner Wheatley
9 North Tce - Emma Dunn, Fried Fish
14 North Tce - Joseph Mitchinson. Grocer, draper and milliner.
National Provincial Bank - Robert Wild, Manager.
Red House - H C R Morris.
Ye Olde Royal George - George Brown, Landlord.
District Nurse - Miss Winters.

York House, South Terrace, Skelton, Doctor's Surgery.
17 South Tce - John Morgan, Dairyman.
York House - Dr William Stevenson. Surgery and N Riding CC Tuberculosis Dispensary.
Cleveland House - Mrs Dickinson.
Conservative Club, Green Rd - Joseph Mitchinson, Sec.
[Yorkshire Penny Bank agent]
Back Lane - Herbert Bonas, Dairyman.
Quarry House - Edward Flatter, General Dealer.
3 High St - Florence Georgeson, Shopkeeper.
7 High St - William Thubron, Wine and Spirits.
11 and 13 High St - Robert John Hall, Outfitter and Milliner.
15 High St - Henry Pattinson, Saddler.
21 High St - Mary Baker, Grocer.
21 High St - Robert Barker, Motor Engineer.
Council Offices - Frederick Wilkinson, Clerk and Accountant.
Richard Barry, Sanitary Inspector.
Arthur Rowley Cranmer, Surveyor.
Reginald Hewling, Electrical Engineer.

Early model truck outside Skelton Cooperative.
Fire Station -
Hill House - John George Barry, Farm Bailiff.
41 High St - David William Appleton, Joiner.
49 High St - K Ridsdale and Son, Builder.
67 High St - Frederick Bell, Church Organist and Music Teacher.
69 High St - John W McLane, Blacksmith.
72 High St - Walter Wright Kingston, Chemist and Post Office.
73 High St - George Robert Garratt, Shopkeeper.
74A High St - Ernest Simons, Hairdresser.
74 High St - Council Electricity Department, Reginald Hewling.
Co-operative Society - Henry Rudsdale. Secretary.
H Penrose, Manager.
75 High St - Arthur Fabre, Draper.
77 High St - Fred Hatfield, Boot dealer.
79 High St - William Mawson, Newsagent.
Skelton Literary Institute - George Dack, Secretary.
Relieving Officer 9, Percy Balls.
Relieving Officer 8, Henry Garland.

Skelton High St to the West.

United Bus, 1936 model.

United Bus Fares - 1938.
Return fare Skelton to Middlesbrough
= "One an' a tanner"
= One shilling and sixpence
= 18 old pence
= 7 and one half new pence.

Cleveland Guardians Committee.
94 High St - Leonard George Buckingham, Insurance agent.
97 High St - Maud Ridgard, Tinsmith.
101 High St - F W Boothroyd, Registrar of Births and Deaths.
Attends Mon, Wed and Fri 4 to 5.30.
105 High St - John George Harrison, Tailor.
109 High St - Mrs G Boocock, Confectioner.
111 High St - Nelly Harris, Ladies Hairdresser.
112 High St - Jean Scott, District Nurse.
115 High St - E O Blyth, Draper.
117 High St - William Carter. Dentist.
121 High St - Samuel Waller, Plumber.
131 High St - Albert Sleeman, Boot repairer.
British Legion Club - George Thompson, Secretary.

Typical pre-War day out for Skelton children on Saltburn beach, involving 4 mile walk with picnic.
Note Saltburn pier then supported by wooden beams.

[Photograph kindly contributed by Alan Ward, furthest child on the right, accompanied by his sister, aunts and cousins.]

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