Skelton Prize Band about this time.
Henry Ford in America produces the first cheap cars.

4 February. - James Richardson, a rolleywayman aged 29, was killed. "He was riding in-bye on a set and, either by striking his head against a tail rope sheave or by falling off the tub top on which he was sitting, had fallen to the ground between the tubs and been run over."
5 February - 6 fishermen from Redcar are drowned at Saltburn.

17 February. Ernest Ditchburn, a miner aged 31, was killed. "He was watching the deputies replace some timber which had been knocked out by a shot, when the roof fell and killed him. The deputies jumped clear."

22nd February - CHURCH LADS BRIGADE. The Members of our CLB gave an entertainment to their friends and relations.
The performance consisted of songs, sketches, funny sayings etc by the CLB troupe of nigger minstrels under the presidency of Staff Sergeant Craven.

William Mott.
Headmaster of Skelton Green Junior School.
Skelton Co-operative Society Committee Member from 1905.
President 1923 to 1956.
Lived at 92 High Street, Skelton.
[Photograph kindly contributed by -
James Wilks of Skelton.]
The various identities of the minstrels was completely hidden under their effective costumes. Their was an exhibition of physical drill by a squad of lads under Lieutenant Dickinson.
A collection was made towards providing Prayer Books and Bibles for the CLB Bible Classes.

20th March. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Subscriptions are now due . The Collections on the Sunday will be divided between the Medical Missions and the General Fund, that in the afternoon will be devoted to the Skelton Bed in the C.M.S Hospital at Kien-ning in China which costs us each year five pounds to support it.
[Since the late 1800s the Church, in the face of great opposition had been trying to spread Christianity to China.]

19th June. CHURCH LADS BRIGADE. - The early North Eastern Camp of the CLB will be held at Whitby, where they will assemble for a week's training and exercise. Our Company under the command of Captain Mitchinson will assemble at their headquarters at the Church Rooms at 5 and march to North Skelton Station to entrain at 5.47.

3rd to 17th July. THE TERRITORIALS. - The Regimental Camp will be held this year at Richmond, N Yorks.
This movement for Home Defence seems to have caught on at Skelton. We have not for many years seen so many on parade as now march past on a Saturday evening following their band, which we understand has the honour of being band to the Battalion, of which our Company forms a part.
We hear that Captain French has received leave to recruit an additional 25 beyong the number assigned to Skelton, which will bring the number on the roll, including the Band, to 160.

23rd June. SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT to the children attending our 3 Sunday Schools at the Church Rooms, Infant School and the Mission Room, North Skelton. All did ample justice to the tea, but the Sports were spoiled by rain. It may not be generally known that we have a large staff of teachers, 42 in number.

The children made a pretty sight when the procession was formed outside the Church Rooms to walk up to the Church, headed by the Volunteer Band under Band Sergeant Smith.

June 27th to July 13th, BURIALS. - 27th Robert Thornton, aged 7 of N Skelton, 30th Walter Rowe, infant of Prospect Place, 13th Dolly Thompson, infant of Skelton, 18th Alice Bell, aged 1y 5mths of N Skelton, 21st Lillian Cooper, infant of N Skelton.

14th July. CHOIR TRIP. - Scarborough was the chosen place. Our party which numbered about 100 were all in good time to catch the special excursion train which left North Skelton at 6.30 a.m. Chief among the new sights was the New Marine Drive, which has proved to be a very expensive luxury for the Scarborough ratepayers. The 3d Ride Round the Town in the Electric Tram Cars seemed to be very popular with our people.

30th July. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. - Our Day Schools will break up and reassemble on August 30th. We regret to announce that Mr Rixham after 20 years service, is retiring from the post of Headmaster of the Stanghow Lane Boys School on account of age limit. He previously served the same office at Lingdale for 8 years.

September - SKELTON SEWING GUILD. - Mrs Ellis invites the help of the old members of this guild in making garments for the poor and needy in this Parish. Though there is not the same distress in Skelton that is to be seen and felt in other places from poverty and unemployment, there are yet widows,

orphans and aged people, who need our sympathy and help and to whom a warm garment or two for winter wear will be a boon. Or give some cast-off articles suitable for children or aged poor.

13th October - VISIT OF ARCHBISHOP OF YORK. He was the guest of the Squire and Mrs Wharton at Skelton Castle. The Drill Hall was turned into a Drawing Room and there after tea in the Church Rooms, Mrs Wharton received the local Church workers. The Church Lads Brigade and Scouts formed a guard of honour.
At night the Parish Church was crowded by working men, between 900 and 1.000 finding seats to hear the Archbishop preach.

10 houses were built on Boosbeck Rd, Skelton Green.

8 houses were built in Thomas St, New Skelton.

South Skelton mine was acquired by Bolckow and Vaughan.

Fox hunt meets at Skelton Castle.

Skelton and Brotton Urban District Council met at the Council Offices, High St on the first Friday in each month.

Members for Skelton North Ward were:-

Robert Cross [butcher, N Skelton].
Thomas Varty [vice chairman] [manager Park Pit].
W H A Wharton.
John Wood.
William Templeman.
Robert Walter Stevenson.

For Skelton South Ward:-

James Milligan.
Henry T Allison
Noah Teasdale.

Skelton Co-operative Society.
Grocery department on the left. Then Drapery and Millinery.
Boots and hardware right. Items for sale outside - Brass
bedstead and a cycle for 8 guineas [490 in year 2000.]

Kelly's Directory for 1909 records the following persons in Skelton:-

Castle - William Henry Anthony Wharton
Castle Gardener - Joseph Richard Batty.
Land agent to Castle - Thomas Tutin.
Castle gamekeeper - Peter Mills.
The Kennels - William Rees, Castle Huntsman.
Farm bailiff to the Whartons - Jeremiah Wilks.
The Rectory - Rev Robert J Ellis.
[The "living" is worth 510 with 26 acres of glebe and residence.]

Skelton Infants School
Elizabeth S Herring, Headmistress
Room for 120 children and had an average attendance of 96.
Elizabeth was born in Marske. The 1901 census shows her as single and living at 5 East Tce, aged 38, with a 13 year old girl, Mable.

Royal George - Alfred Bunn, Landlord.
Duke William - Henry Allen, Landlord.
9 North Tce - Ernest Simons - Hairdresser.
11 North Tce - John Thomas Craven, Painter.
National Provincial Bank, N Tce. - Alfred Elliff - Manager.
East Tce - Wood Bros, Joiners and Wheelwrights.
4 South Tce, Soldier's Convalescent Home - Joseph Burnett MB. Medical Officer.
South Tce, York House - Addison Tate, painter.
Wharton Hall - Territorial Force Battalion 4th [Alexandra, Princess.
of Wales Own] Yorkshire Regt,
G Co Lieut J Walton.
Drill Instructor -
Sergeant MacDougall.
Green Rd, Conservative and Unionist Club - John Lamb Sec.
[Yorks Penny Bank Ltd held here -Bolton J G, actuary]
Back Lane - Thomas Ross, Dairyman.
40 Back Lane - Daniel Chilvers, Insurance agent.
Prospect Place - Samuel Waller, shopkeeper.
Police Station - Sergeant Richard Benjamin Gamble + 1 Constable.
3 High St - Charles Kidd, Greengrocer.
5 High St - James Thompson Wood, Wine and Spirits.

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