Skelton Park Pit.

31st January. The Band of Hope gave a concert in Skelton Institute. The entertainment was provided this year by the children attending Miss White's School on the Green.

7th March. An occasional license was granted to Ernest Andrew of the Green Inn, Skelton authorizing him to sell by retail all intoxicating liquor in a barn at Ground Hill Farm Skelton on the 16th day of March 1905 between 1p.m. and 6 p.m. on the occasion of a sale of farming stock.

24th May. The late Queen Victoria's birthday, under its new name "Empire Day", was observed by a holiday to all our Schools.

Whit Sunday - About 70 members of the G Company [Skelton] 1st Volunteer Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment paraded at the Drill Hall and headed by their Band marched to Church to attend Divine Service.

2nd June. London Gazette.
Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, John Ridsdale and Robert Armstrong Ridsdale, carrying on business as Builders, at Skelton-in-Cleveland,

Prime Minister 1905 to 1908.

in the county of York, under the style or firm of J. and R. Ridsdale has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the 31st day of March, 1905. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said John Ridsdale.

June - A desire has been expressed amongst some members of our Institute that Baths should be provided for the use of members. Ballot papers were provided to ascertain the wishes of members and how many would use them.
Three baths have been provided some months ago at North Skelton Institute and there is some talk amongst the youngsters of a swimming bath being added.

July - [Global Warming] - Parish Magazine - The rain that has fallen lately has not yet raised the level of water in the Dreeborough reservoir and we fear that before this magazine reaches its readers the supply will be cut off from trade and other purposes and the domestic supply reduced. Fortunately the mines have made other arrangements.

7th August - Question in the House of Commons.
Mr Hunt - "I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that the convalescent home for soldiers at Skelton, near Saltburn-on-Sea, provided and kept up entirely by Mr. W. H. H. Wharton, is likely to be given up because the War Office authorities are unwilling to pay the railway fares of soldiers going to and from the home; and whether he proposes to take any, and, if any, what steps in the matter."

North Skelton Sword Dancers outside the Village Hall.

North Skelton Infants School in 1905.

Mr Arnold-Foster - "The Hon. Member appears to have been misinformed. War Office authority was granted on the 29th June to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, York, to issue railway warrants at the public expense to soldiers who are convalescent and require change, on proceeding to Colonel Wharton's home at Saltburn, provided that the total expenditure of 25 previously sanctioned for sending convalescent soldiers to Tynemouth and Scarborough is not exceeded. Nothing is known as regards the suggestion that the home is to be given up."

November - Needlework Guild - For the benefit of those who may be willing to join the Guild, we would say that each member contributes one or two articles of underclothing, such as petticoats, skirts or childrens garments, knitted things, as stockings or comforters are very acceptable. These are distributed amongst the poor, mostly among widows and children at the beginning of winter.

Footpaths - We have to thank the Urban Council for the great improvement they have made in flagging the footpath in front of the Cemetery.

Skelton Football Team Early 1900's
No one identified. No doubt lads who went off to the First War.
[Photo kindly contributed by John Dobson.]

Now that motor cars are adding to the perils of our highways, there is more than ever need for pathways reserved for the use of foot passengers. We dread to think of two motor cars racing past each other, within even the legal limits of speed, along the narrow road between Skelton and the Cemetery, at the time when the children are passing to and from School. If a flagged footpath is too much to ask for, could we not have a gravelled footpath along the top of the wall on the south west side of the road, from the Dairy Farm to the end of High St, with a protecting rail, like the footpath along Green Road.

20th Nov. Jabez Gott, miner of Skelton, was remanded at Saltburn Police Station on charges of being drunk and refusing to quit the Alexandra Hotel and of assaulting PC Falkingham.

North Skelton Sword Dancers were described as:- "Two men dressed up like clowns each with money boxes and 3 or 4 more to keep the company alive.
The dancers wear white linen bloused with a 3 inch band of turkey-red linen round neck and a similar one round the shoulders - like a cape; red cuffs.....a band of red down the middle with large pearl buttons.
A soldier's round pork-pie hat of dark colour with a band of red and yellow, a small looking glass rather larger than a crown, fixed in front, and a strap under the chin.

Rushpool Hall restored after the Fire of 1904.

Ordinary dark trousers with a red stripe. Bells down the outside of the legs and on arms."

21st Nov. J C Hewitt was taken to Skelton police station for being drunk and assaulting Sgt Harrison and PC Mercer. Fined 10s for being drunk and sent to Northallerton Gaol for one month for the assault.

Rushpool Hall was restored after the fire of the previous year and was now occupied by Joseph Walton, a Liberal MP.
Winston Churchill is remembered as having visited Liberal conferences here around this time.

16 Dec. Skelton Park Pit. Alfred Robinson, a filler aged 53, was killed. "He had finished his own shift and had gone into another place to help his son to fill his last two tubs; the roof weighted suddenly and some dogger fell on him, crushing him internally and fracturing his legs. He was taken out of the mine, but died soon after."

Charities amounting to 3 2s 8d were distributed by the vicar to 14 widows and 2 men, who were cripples, in sums varying from 3s to 5s each.

5th Dec. Benjamin Newton born in Whitby and now living at 5 Ground Hills, North Skelton was fined 15s for being drunk and disorderly.

5th Dec. John William Richardson, miner of Skelton, was fined 20s and costs under the Poaching Prevention Act.

5th Dec. Joseph Brooks, a miner from Lingdale, was charged with stealing two fowls from Wet Furrows farm. N Skelton. He was caught at 2 am by PC Mercer, who discovered the two birds in his possession as well as a turnip. Brooks was sent to prison for two months with hard labour.

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