FreeCEN's  aim is to provide a free-to-view on-line searchable
database  of the census returns for the whole country. 
This page shows the Index of the Counties I am presently looking after.
Volunteers from all over the world are transcribing the census 
from the CD's , freely loaned  by the LDS, 
into a specially written database. 
Without the volunteers invaluable support this project would not exist.

January 19, 2014

!!!   Volunteers Urgently Required   !!!

 Can you spare a couple of hours per week to help us Transcribe the Census


This INDEX covers the Counties that are being looked after
by Brenda of the
FreeCEN project.

We are looking for Helpers, Transcribers, Checkers and Coordinators for these.

If you feel you can help, in what ever capacity, 
then please contact Brenda
by Email

View the Status page for that County or Country  and Census year
by clicking on any of the the Links below.
Also click on  any of the Links on the right hand side for further help or information.

Channel Islands

Derbyshire 1861

Derbyshire 1891

Devon 1841

Devon Hundreds

Essex 1871

Essex 1891

Isle of Man

Leicestershire 1861

Leicestershire 1871

Leicestershire 1891

Nottinghamshire 1841

Nottinghamshire 1851

Nottinghamshire 1861

Nottinghamshire 1891

 Link to Sussex Census Project Page

Lancashire 1891


Cymru /  Counties of Wales

Anglesey  1861, 1871 and 1891

Caernarvonshire  1861

Caernarvonshire  1871

Caernarvonshire  1891

Cardiganshire  1891

Carmarthenshire  1871

Flintshire and Denbighshire 1861

Flintshire and Denbighshire 1871

Flintshire and Denbighshire 1891

Glamorganshire  1871

Glamorganshire  1891

Merionethshire 1871

Merionethshire  1891

Montgomeryshire 1861 Part Only

Monmouthshire  1871

Monmouthshire 1891


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