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Wirral Borough Council is again asking for your comments on its budget saving options.  Many of the proposed cuts could affect services which the Council provides to YOU. Find out more...



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From time to time, New Ferry residents will be asked to fill in questionnaires or comment on plans and proposals being put forward by Wirral Borough Council or other partners.

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Who is asking?: Wirral Borough Council

Closing date for comments: 06 December 2013


Councils across the country are facing major financial challenges. The Government is continuing to reduce the amount of money Councils are able to spend on services.

For the next financial year, Wirral Council needs to make savings of 27.5 million. The Chief Executive has published a series of options for how that money could be saved and now; we need to know what you think.

Please visit the Council's website pages to make your comments on the second wave of budget options.  Click on the link below: