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German Giant Bearded Dragon - Pogona vitticeps

German Giant is a name given to a selected bloodline of the Bearded Dragon, they are still the same species - Pogona vitticeps.

It was discovered that the bearded dragons found in the North West territories of Australia were larger and stockier than those found in the center and south of the continent. Eventually German herpetologists obtained a group of bearded dragons from this area, and worked with selective breeding processes to enhance their larger properties.

The Germans did not create a new animal or species as some believe, but they did work hard to preserve a naturally occuring bloodline, and enhance it to provide a larger, heartier and hardier animal.

German Giants can be up to 50% larger than regular bearded dragons, although some may only be a few inches - it depends how close their bloodline is to being "true." Many have been mixed with colour morphs and smaller bearded dragons over the years. True German Giant bearded dragons can lay from 40, up to 50 or as many as 60 eggs. The largest clutch recorded was from a female belonging to Kevin Dunne of Dragon's Den who laid 68 eggs.

Do not mistake an overweight bearded dragon for a German Giant. The German Giants have a larger bone structure, and it does not mean they have a large amount of fat, weight should still be evenly proportioned.

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