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Debbie Drew, Billy Byrne, Mark Millar, Nick Knowles, Chris Frediani and Julian Perryman

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This has to be the best DIY show by far, it out done Changing Rooms not only in ratings, design and longevity with DIY SOS now in it's 17th series! And still going strong.

The Show
DIYSOS has been running since 1999. This show in my opinion is far better than all the others in its genre, this includes, but not limited to Better Homes, House Invaders, Home Front, Grand Designs, House Doctor etc.

Previous episodes of DIY SOS are currently being shown on UKTV Style (Sky 247), you can find out when the next episode is by visiting this link.

In each show the team visits a contributor to renovate their homes and sometimes social clubs, dance schools and other non residential premises.

The team and format has changed since the initial series and currently has six members, these are, in no formal order, Nick Knowles presenting, Bridgid Calderhead is back as the designer (could have done with her help designing here!), Bridgid replaces Debbie who replaced Bridgid earlier is the series, she was famous for her disagreements with the previous foreman Bob Grose, then we have Chris Frediani head Mineral Application Engineer (plasterer), Julian Perryman who helps Chris with the plastering and general building, Billy Byrne who try's to electrocute everyone, Mark Millar replaces Bob Grose the previous carpenter who left at the end of the 13th series without any reason given.

In the first few series there was a mini make over project which Lowri Turners team would command, this was just a smallish job that normally consisted of just one room being made good and decorated, her team included the comical style of Steve on wood, Garfield foreman, Libby decorating, these where added to and replaced over the series most noticeably Lowri was replaced for one series by Kate McIntyre and fi nally Bridgid Calderhead from the main team when she couldn't bear Bob any longer! She was in that position for about 2 series before they axed the mini renovation again without any reason being given.

Over the years the program format has changed consideratly, when it first started it was aimed as a factual information program but in recent years it has evolved more into a situation comedy. Some people say this has ruined the program while the many believe it has had to move with the times, if it stayed with the original format it probably wouldn't be still running.

They have even done a live show where the contributor was chosen via a telephone vote live on national tv, their home was also renovated live!

There has even been paperback DIY books published! These are actually available from amazon for about £2.49 including postage! I must say the pictures of the team are vastly different from today. Splash out and get yourself a copy.

The Forum
The forum was setup originally as I couldn't find much information or discussion online about the program that 8 million people enjoy. It is aired on the BBC. This forum is here to discuss everything and more about this hit TV show.

Enjoy the forum, post your questions, queries, comments and thoughts, you don't need to be a member to view or post, but it would be nice to show your support.

We do not collect personal information when you register and we do not send you unsolicited emails or sell your address.


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The following are a list of team members who have appeared in each team.

Main Team
Mini Team
Nick Knowles *
Lowri Turner *
Bridgid Calderhead
Kate McIntyre *
Billy Byrne
Bridgid Calderhead *
Julian Perryman
Garfield Caven
Chris Frediani
Steve Fallowfield
Bob Grose
Chris Young
Claire Rendall**
Dawn Bayley
Deborah Drew**
Kyle Dent
Mat Skelton
Warren Furman
Ian Sou

*Denotes presenter, **Former designer, No longer on the show.

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