The Controls

I used a second computer keyboard (connected with a keyboard splitter cable from and an Evolution MK-7 keyboard connected through my soundblaster port so that I can control all stop sounds and controls by keypresses within easy reach.

The Evolution keyboard controls the "swell" manual "stops", the computer keyboard controls the stops for the "great" manual and the pedals. There are also keys to press with "presets" - combinations of stops for both manuals and pedals. Different temperaments and reverbs can be chosen from the computer keyboard.

The setup works well.

Click here for a larger picture of the Computer keyboard controls.

Click here for a larger picture of the Evolution MK-7 controls.


The program buttons on the Evolution control some of the functions like "coupling" -e.g. great to pedal, swell to pedal.  They also have some different "reverbs", a reset button and an "all notes off" button. The channel volume slider on the Evolution controls the volume on the pedal:  the modulation wheel controls the volume on the great.  And underneath ...


An expression pedal linked into the Korg keyboard, controls the swell volume.

It is not the keyboards that make the organ sounds.  (The Korg is muted and the Evolution does not have any sound anyway).  All the organ sounds are created through a Roland Sound Canvas Module using Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project software on my computer.

See here for more details of SCPOP and the software used to make all this set up work.



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