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Please read the following before sending any email:

(1)  Further information about the NAS is available and will be sent if you advise your full name and full address. This is not available by email.
It is helpful if this is written in the same style that it would appear on an envelope, i.e., a separate line for:-
              House number, and Road/Street,
              Postal/Zip/Area code,

It is important that when asking for details about the NAS, you write 'Information' in the subject line of your email; otherwise there will be a delay in responding to it.

(2)  If you do not receive a reply within seven days, please resend your email.

(3)  A number of emails are received asking for information about a wide range of issues. Regrettably, it is not possible to give advice on such matters. The NAS is solely concerned with the promotion and development of physical mediumship.

(4)  NAS members in the UK who have enquiries should contact the relevant NAS Officer(s) direct rather than by email through this website.

(5) No attachments please. All mail messages to be in plain text.

Our email address is



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