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One publication with which I have been impressed is Two Worlds. In fact, a number of articles listed on the NAS website index are from Two Worlds. This is one of the few periodicals to continue from the early days of Spiritualism, beginning in 1887, being founded by Emma Hardinge Britten, the well-known Spiritualism authoress and pioneer. It is also one of the few publications that continues to advance the 'traditional' idea and message of Spiritualism.
I have subscribed to the magazine, published monthly, for quite some time now, and found it to be an excellent introduction to the subject; it includes interesting articles relating to survival, and associated topics (e.g. healing, animal survival, karma, NDEs, the arguments for/against the concept of reincarnation, mediumship, book reviews, etc). It also has a detailed list of Spiritualist churches in Britain. I understand that it has now begun a mail order service for books dealing with a wide range of subjects, e.g., life in the spirit world, NDES, spirit teachings, reincarnation, psychic development, etc.
The annual subscription rate for U.K./Europe is fourteen pounds and fifty pence. For Overseas (by air speed delivery), seventeen pounds.

Two Worlds can be contacted at:-

  Two Worlds,
7 The Leather Market,
Weston Street,
SE1 3ER,

Telephone: 0171 378 0808
(Outside UK: 44 171 378 0808).

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