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Report of Sťance at Banbury NAS Seminar,
by Colin Loud

There are various reasons why we attend the NAS sťances, for, these include the hope that my dear ones in spirit will communicate, but also and even more now than before, the desire to share in the benefits others receive from their communion with those who draw close. However, it has become clearer each time we sit that the reality of our life after physical death and all that it implies in how we should act while in this life is crucial. Although opinions continue to vary on our side regarding many subjects we have the opportunity of listening to and exploring the lessons given to us, either as a direct teaching or as is usually the case in response to our own questions, should we care to ask them.

A visit to Banbury in August 1997 allowed us more of the benefits mentioned, I cannot convey the entire detail of the sitting that lasted just short of three hours, but I can comment on the points that stand out in my memory.
Julie and I were accompanied by a fellow NAS member who needed a lift to the event and his experiences are relevant to the days' events. He is an experienced medium of many years including physical mediumship but he had not attended a NAS sťance before. Along with another sitter he checked the integrity of the ties holding Lincoln to his chair, which they both confirmed as intact. Shortly after as we all sang to commence the meeting Frances joined us but only sang for a short while before withdrawing. It was noticeable that her voice has even more clarity than when I first heard her, I presume she has continued to master her use of the ectoplasm equipment.

When Magnus came through he announced that he wished to start by speaking on a specific subject, rather than first answer questions. He spoke of certain demands that light and filming should occur at the sťances. His reasons were clear and extensive but in brief, he realises that to try and prove to those, scientists or others, whose only desire is to dismiss and ridicule the truth would prove worthless, and there will be those whose motives will not allow them to support and convey the truth to the masses. And for those who can no longer dismiss the truth, it is still possible that they will do nothing to make use of this great knowledge. Referring to my first paragraph I have accepted that proof of survival is crucial but from that comes the potential of life that we should all realise, I regret that many demonstrations of 'Spiritualism' fail on one or both important issues.

The use of bindings in demonstrations are necessary to alleviate the doubts of the minds that at first witness the phenomena, which Magnus repeated to not of themselves prove survival but are a part of presenting to us the truth that the human form is capable of far more than we would normally perceive. Before he left Magnus lifted the objects on the floor, visible by the luminous dots, and handed them to sitters opposite me, almost immediately I was surprised to feel him touching my hands and raising one into the air, his grip was firm and very warm, he said that I should go back to the beginning and start again. I said that I did not understand, 'Yes you do understand' he replied, in what I might describe as a firm manner. So in a few words it was made clear to what he was referring, I then realised exactly what he meant. He then spoke to other sitters and our travelling companion whose hand he also held.

Charlie was next to speak but only for a short time and then someone lifted the luminous plaque from the floor and moved it around in mid air tapping it vigorously to show how much control they had of it. Then came a quiet female voice who called a man's name, this was the name of our friend, who quickly responded, the voice continued in conversation until she announced her name and that she was his aunt who he had not seen for many years, he later told us he was unaware that she was in spirit but all she said did not confirm her identity. The strength of her voice improved as she spoke and her wit was also apparent. At one point he thought her remark that she was a retiring person meant she was withdrawing and so he bid her farewell, this was quickly dismissed when she replied 'are you trying to get rid of me already.' Significantly she held his hand before leaving, and he confirmed after that the difference between the hand of Magnus and hers was very distinct.
Ron our host at Banbury spoke for a short while with his daughter, this reminded me of the first time she spoke to him last year, again no one can really express how valuable and precious these moments are.

Dolly then made his entrance as only he can and his humour was mixed with the serious purpose of discussing various things, he explained how those who communicate come to the 'portals' or 'looking places' to draw close to us and when possible they are shown how to communicate, however for some no matter how hard they try success does not occur automatically. Dolly is also mentioned how Magnus sometimes waits reading a book before a sťance and how he might pace up and down when things are not progressing as he would like. Many other questions from the sitters were answered, and Dolly was able to touch some sitters before asking us to close the meeting. More singing followed until we heard the sudden thump as Lincoln, still bound to his chair, was firmly placed outside the cabinet. With the lighting restored the restraints were again checked as being intact before they were cut and he was released.

It was a very long sťance and although the individual communicators were few on this occasion the content made it very meaningful, and we thank all those involved. I believe Magnus gave full and acceptable explanations for the matters he was aware of being important to some, and for those who do not accept the current views, which I have seen repeated by others in the Newsletter, perhaps they could politely express their opinions to Magnus or Walter when next they have the opportunity. Although I think it would be better to share in the good work that is being done and help it to develop and grow.



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