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    The aim of the NAS is to promote, educate and encourage the development and safe practice of physical mediumship.
    The NAS runs  weekend seminars (for members only), group sťances (for members only), day seminars (open to all), and provides teaching material and advice to those members sitting in, or aiming to start circles for the development of physical mediumship and its associated phenomena.

How it Began

    On 25 April 1990, a message, by means of 'Independent Voice', was received at a home circle in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, urging the sitters to form a society to promote and develop physical mediumship. The communicator stated he was Noah Zerdin. Noah, a well-known Spiritualist in his day, founded 'The Link of Home Circles' in 1931. He also encouraged and promoted the late 'Independent Direct Voice' medium, Leslie Flint.
    Since its inception, The Noah's Ark Society (NAS) has spearheaded the revival of physical mediumship in the United Kingdom and abroad, currently having members, many of them active, in every continent and in many countries throughout the world. The NAS's Officers and Committee are unpaid volunteers. Any surplus funds raised by the NAS are used to promote the service to its members.




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