Convoy HX72
& U-100

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In September 1940, Convoy HX72, travelling from Nova Scotia, Canada to the UK, was attacked by U-boats. Eleven ships were sunk, including the steamer Canonesa. All but one of the Canonesa's crew were rescued - my grandfather, Fourth Engineer Tom Purnell from Hartlepool in England, was on duty in the engine room and was killed when the ship was torpedoed. In all 116 men lost their lives in the attack. This site describes the events surrounding the loss of the Canonesa, the attack on Convoy HX72, and the exploits of the U-boat which sank seven ships in just over three hours; U-100, captained by Joachim Schepke.

As well as describing the attack on the Convoy the site also acts as a tribute to the contribution of the allied merchant seamen during the Second World War. Despite being civilians they suffered greater proportionate losses than their armed forces counterparts. In a special memorial section the 116 men of Convoy HX72 are commemorated.


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