They Gave Their Lives

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

For the Fallen
by Laurence Binyon

Below are listed the names of the men lost serving aboard the S.S.Canonesa, S.S. Broompark, S.S Empire Airman, M.V. Frederick S. Fales, and S.S. Simla. These ships were all attacked on the night of 21st-22nd September 1940. For a narrative account of the circumstances surrounding the attacks on these ships please return to the Attack on Convoy HX72 pages.

S.S. Canonesa

Tom Purnell
4th Engineer Officer
Age 37. Husband of Anne Sinclair Purnell, of Hartlepool, England.

S.S. Broompark

Hassin Amed
Fireman and Trimmer
Age 55.

S.S. Empire Airman

John Brown Raine
Master (M)
Age 48.
Douglas Forrest
Chief Officer (M)
Age 45. Son of Thomas and Helen Forrest; husband of Mirian Ling Forrest, of Cardiff. Awarded Lloyd's Silver Medal.
James Harvey
2nd Officer
Age 23. Son of John and Margaret Ann Harvey, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Jack Wigan
3rd Officer
Age 29.
Reginald Gilbert Charles Robins
Chief Engineer Officer
Age 45. Husband of R.M. Robins, of Cardiff, Wales.
Arthur Hayden Wood
4th Engineer Officer
Age 21. Son of William Hayden Wood, and of Helen Wood, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Cecil Sydney Stevens
1st Radio Officer
Age 31. Son of Samuel and Daisy Elizabeth Stevens; husband of Ethel Beatrice Stevens, of Hounslow, Middlesex, England.
Lancelot Edwin Forster
2nd Radio Officer
Age 18. Son of Lancelot Edwin and Kate Chell Forster, of Sunderland, Co. Durham, England.
Sergei Haikoff
Age 44.
Stanley Williams
Age 41. Son of Richard and Emily Williams; husband of Florence W. Williams, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Richard Watson Bailey
Age 35.
Hogbart Jacobsen
Age 55.
Frederick Mayfield
Age 24.
Richard H.Stephenson
Age 23. Son of Henry and Ellen Stephenson, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Thomas Marshall
Age 19. Son of John William and Barbara Foster Marshall.
John William Waggett
Age 22. Son of Florence Waggett, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
James Harris
Age 34. Husband of Emily Harris, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
William Mole
Age 43. Son of Robert and Hannah Mole; husband of Mary Mole, of South Shields, C0. Durham, England.
Charles Henry Moore
Age 60. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore; husband of Louisa Moore, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
John Armstrong
Age 39.
Robert J.D. Hughes
Stanley Lindsay
Age 42.
William Pickard
Age 43. Husband of E. Pickard, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Lemuel John Rodham Stephenson
Age 44. Son of Thomas and Hannah Stephenson; husband of Ada Stephenson, of Primrose, Jarrow, Co. Durham, England.
David Pritchard Wilson
Age 42. Son of Isaac and Jane Wilson; husband of Selina Wilson.
Charles Rodger
Ship's Cook
Age 24. Son of William and Violet Rodger, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
George Edward Brown
Age 19.
Cyril Martin Hall
Mess Room Boy
Age 17. Son of Martin William and Edith Hall, of Seaham Harbour, Co. Durham, England.
Frederick Hansen
Cabin Boy
Age 20. Son of Alfred Edward and Dorothy Ann Hansen, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Joseph Sidney Holland
Deck Boy
Age 17. Son of Charles James Holland and Jane Ann Holland, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
Walter Kane
Galley Boy
Age 15. Son of George Hutton Kane and Mary Kane, of South Shields, Co. Durham, England.
John Allen Lemmon
Deck Boy
Age 17.

M.V. Frederick S. Fales
Hong Kong

Frank Ramsay
Master (Ex. M)
Age 53. Son of William and Elizabeth Ramsay; husband of Annie Ramsay, of Burnside, Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Leslie Alexander English
Chief Officer (M)
Age 37.
Oliver James Jones
2nd Officer (M)
Age 35. Husband of Irene C. Jones, of Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Master Mariner, Merchant Navy.
Thomas Hatfield Lawton
Chief Engineer Officer
Age 52. Husband of Selina Lawton, of Gabalfa, Cardiff, Wales.
Scott Gregory
2nd Engineer Officer
Age 42. Son of Robert Lester Gregory and Annie Gregory; husband of Constance Gregory, of Great Crosby, Lancashire, England.
James Donaldson Smith
4th Engineer Officer
Age 27. Son of George and Mary Smith; husband of Isabella Smith, of Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.
Kenneth Ham
5th Engineer Officer
Age 25.
Ronald Frederick Mount
5th Engineer Officer
Age 20. Son of Henry Mount, and of May Dorothy Mount, of Hightown, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales.
Geoffrey Phillip Garrod
1st Radio Officer
Age 24. Son of Leonard Henry and Elizabeth Jane Garrod, of Bures, Suffolk, England.
Charles Beed
Bayne Gammon
Ordinary Seaman
Cecil Moore
Richard J. O'Connell
Age 23.
John James Saunders
Raymond Hansen
William A. Hart
Robert E. Hayes
Chief Steward
James White
Gerald Scallion
Frank Scanlon

S.S. Simla

Hans von Krogh
Age 46. Norwegian, born in Trondheim.
Harris Evant
2nd Officer
Age 32. Norwegian, born in Nötterö.
Willy Larsen
Martinius Karlsen
Age 23. Norwegian, born in Salangen.
Arvid Stenvag
Age 38. Norwegian, born in Aalesund.

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