They Gave Their Lives

In the U-boat attack on Convoy HX72 on September 21st to 22nd 1940 116 allied merchant seamen lost their lives. Their names are listed, by ship, on the two attached pages.

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M.V. Invershannon
S.S. Baron Blythswood
M.V. Elmbank
S.S. Blairangus
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S.S. Broompark
S.S Empire Airman
M.V. Frederick S. Fales
S.S. Simla

I have been greatly helped by Fred Hortop and John B. Hill in compiling the information on the attached pages. Where possible I have included some of the personal details (e.g. age, names of parents and wives, home town etc.) of the men who lost their lives. This information has been taken from a number of sources including the Tower Hill and Hong Kong memorial books produced by the Imperial (now Commonwealth) War Graves Commission, information provided by the Registry of Shipping and Seamen in Cardiff, and correspondence from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, London.

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