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Blair Clay Blair.
Hitler's U-boat War. Vol 1: The Hunters.
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Abbatiello, J. (2006) Anti-submarine Warfare in World War I: British Naval Aviation And the Defeat of the U-boats. or

Adcock, A. (1997) Destroyer Escorts in Action. Squadron/Signal Pubns. or

Allen, T. (1996) The Storm Passed By: Ireland and the Battle of the Atlantic. Irish Academic Press. or

Andrade, A. (1997) S.S. Leopoldville Disaster: December 24, 1944. Tern Book Co. or

Bagnasco, E. (2000) Submarines of World War 2. Cassell.

Bailey, C.H. (1994) The Royal Naval Museum Book of the Battle of the Atlantic - The Corvettes and their Crews: An Oral History. Alan Sutton. [A fascinating book chronicling the experiences of the crews of the convoy escorts.] or

Barnett, C. (2000) Engage the Enemy More Closely. Penguin. or

Bath, A.H. (1998) Tracking the Axis Enemy: The Triumph of Anglo-American Naval Intelligence. University Press of Kansas. or

Battle of the Atlantic: Anthology of Personal Memories. (1993). Picton Press. [The recollections of merchant seamen, Royal Navy sailors and their families make this a fine and often moving anthology. Put together in Liverpool to celebrate the Battle of the Atlantic 50th anniversay in 1993, this includes among its more than 80 contributions a vivid description by CPO William Begg (H.M.S. Walker) of the sinkings of U-99 & U-100.]

Bayer, J.F. (2000) The Omega Deception. Broadman & Holman. [U-boats and Doenitz feature in this tense thriller.] or

Beasent, J. (1996) Stalin's Silver: The Sinking of the USS John Barry. St Martin's Press. [Torpedoed by U-859 in 1944 the John Barry was loaded with millions of dollars woth of silver.] or

Beckman, M. (1996) Atlantic Roulette: A Merchantman at War. T. Donovan. [Beckman served on the SS Venetia, which sailed with Convoy HX72. A gripping and evocative first-hand account of life on a merchant ship during the Battle of the Atlantic. The attack on HX72 is vividly described, as are living conditions on the ships and the bravery and camaraderie of the men. A moving testimony. Recommended.]

Beesly, P. (2000) Very Special Intelligence. Greenhill Books. [Re-issued standard text.] or

Bennett, G.H. & Bennett, R. (1999) Survivors: British Merchant Seamen in the Second World War. Hambledon Press. or

Bennett, J.G. (1998) The Rohna Disaster. Xlibris. [The sinking of the troopship Rohna involved the loss of over 1,000 US seamen - the greatest single loss of American lives at sea during WW2.

Bercuson, D.J. & Herwig, H.H. (2001) Deadly Seas: The Duel between the St. Croix and the U-305 in the Battle of the Atlantic Vintage Books Canada. or

Binns, S. & Wood, A. (1999) The Second World War in Colour. Pavilion. [Book to accompany the UK tv series - includes Battle of the Atlantic material.]

Black, W.B. & Blashfield, J.B. (1991) Battle of the Atlantic: World War II 50th Anniversary. Silver Burdett Press. [History book aimed at schoolchildren.] or

Blair, C. (1996) Hitler's U-boat War. Vol 1: The Hunters. Random House. [A serious and thorough investigation of the U-boat conflict with massive bibliography. Drawing on recently released official records together with a extensive range of other sources Blair challenges conventional wisdom, controversially but persuasively downplaying the threat posed by the U-boats to the allies.] or

Blair, C. (1998) Hitler's U-boat War. Vol 2: The Hunted. Random House. or

Bowers, P. (1999) The Garrett Enigma and the Early Submarine Pioneers. Airlife. [Towards the end of the 19th century, the world's major navies started to arm themselves with a new form of vessel - the submarine. This book looks at the work of little-known British inventor George William Garrett, one of the submarine pioneers.]

Boyne, W.J. (1997) Clash of Titans: World War Two at Sea. Touchstone. or An unabridged audio version is available through

Bradham, R. (2006) Hitler's U-Boat Fortresses. or

Bray, J.K. (1996) Ultra in the Atlantic: Allied Communications Intelligence and the Battle of the Atlantic. Aegean Park.

Breyer, S. & Koop, G. (1991) German Navy at War, 1939-1945: Vol 2 - The U-boat. Schiffer. or

Brown, D.K. (1994) "Atlantic Escorts 1939-45" in Howarth, S. and Law, D. eds. The Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945: The 50th Anniversary International Naval Conference. Naval Institute Press.

Brown, D.K. (2000) Nelson to Vanguard. United States Naval Institute. [Third part of the highly praised British Warship Design and Development trilogy, covering the period leading up to WW2.] or

Browning Jr, R.M. (1996) U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casualties of World War Two. Naval Institute Press. or

Buchheim, L-G. (1999) The Boat (Das Boot). Cassell Military. [Re-issue of the book behind the film].

Budiansky, S. (2000) Battle of Wits: The Complete Story of Codebreaking in World War II. Viking. or

Bunker, J. (1995) Heroes in Dungarees: The Story of the American Merchant Marine in World War II. Naval Institute Press. or

Burn, A. (1998) Fighting Captain: The Story of Frederic John Walker RN, CB, DSO and the Battle of the Atlantic. [Biography of the celebrated U-boat hunter.] or

Burn, A. (1999) Fighting Commodores: Convoy Commanders in the Second World War. or

Busch, R & Roll, H-J. (1999) German U-boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary Naval Institute Press. or

Butler, J.A. (1997) Sailing on Friday: The Perilous Voyage of America's Merchant Marine. Brasseys Inc. or

Campbell, A.B. (1952) Salute the Red Duster. Christopher Johnson.

Carlisle, Lt R.L. (1993) P-Boat Pilot: With a Patrol Squadron in the Battle of the Atlantic. Fithian Pr.

Chant, C. (1997) Illustrated Data Guide to Submarines of World War II. Chelsea House. or

Cheatham, J.T. (1995) The Atlantic Turkey Shoot: U Boats Off the Outlet Banks in World War II. Gan Productions.

Chesneau, R. & Gardiner, R. (1980) Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1922-1946 . USNI. or

Chewning, A.J. (1994) The Approaching Storm: U-boats off the Virginia coast during World War Two.

Chowdhury, B. (2000) Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths. Harpercollins. [The story of the death of father and son whilst diving on a sunken German U-boat (U-869) off the US east coast.] or An audio version is also available at

Churchill, W.S. (1979) The Second World War - Volume 3: The Grand Alliance. Cassell. [Of the major war leaders only Churchill left a detailed account of the war - a unique and invaluable testimony. This volume, covering 1941, was originally published in 1950.]

Churchill, W.S. (1985) The Second World War - Volume 2: Their Finest Hour. Penguin. [Dealing with the period May to December 1940, this volume was originally published in 1949.] or

Clayton Meadows, D. (2005) Of Ice and Steel. Author's web-site

Cledlyn Jones, D. (1999) The Enemy We Killed, My Friend. Gomer Press.

Collingwood, D.J. (1999) Captain Class Frigates in the Second World War. Naval Institute Press. [The story of US Destroyer Escorts lent to Britain in WW2.] or

Collins, M.A. (2000) U-571. Avon Books. [Novel tie-in to film of the same name.] or

Colville, J. (1985) The Fringes of Power: Downing Street Diaries 1939-55. Hodder & Stoughton.

Cooper, S. (1997) Liberty Ship: The Voyages of the John W. Brown, 1942-1946. Naval Institute Press. or

Costello, J. & Hughes, T. (1977) The Battle of the Atlantic. Collins.

Craig, P. & Clayton, T. (1999) Finest Hour. Hodder & Stoughton/Simon & Schuster. [The story of Britain in 1940, focusing on the Battle of Britain but also covering the u-boat campaign against convoys.] or An audio version is also available through

Cressman, R.J. (2000) The Official Chronology of the US Navy in World War II. United States Naval Inst. [Day by day account of U.S. Navy activities in World War Two.] or

Curry, F. (1990) War at Sea: A Canadian Sailor in the North Atlantic. Lugus.

Dailey, F.E. Jr. (1998) Joining The War At Sea 1939-1945. Dailey. [Told from the perspective of a gunnery officer on a WW II destroyer, this book covers action in North Atlantic convoys and in five assault landings.] or

Dallies-Labourdette, J.P. (1996) U-Boote 1935-1945 - The History of the Kriegsmarine U-Boats. Histoire & Collections. [Generously illustrated book about the U-boat arm.] or

Darlington, R & McKee, F. (1998) Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-45: The Successes and Losses of the Canadian Navy in WW2. Vanwell. or

Dönitz, K. (2000) Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days. Greenhill. [The key protagonist on the German side in the Battle of the Atlantic looks back at his time in power. Originally published in 1958.] or

Dunmore, S. (2000) In Great Waters: The Epic Story of the Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-45. McClelland & Stewart. or

Duskin, G & Segman, R. (2005) If the Gods Are Good: The Sacrifice of HMS Jervis Bay. Crecy Publishing. or

Edwards, B. (1996) Dönitz and the Wolf Packs. Arms and Armour. [This book takes a look at the wolfpack tactics and includes a lengthy description of the attack on Convoy HX72.] or

Edwards, B. (1997) Attack and Sink: the Battle for Convoy SC42. New Guild. [First hand accounts from both sides retell the story of the convoy Dönitz said must not get through.] or

Edwards, B. (2005) The Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seaman at War., or in large print at or or in large print at

Edwards, B. (2005) Death in the Doldrums: U-Cruiser Actions Off West Africa. or

Elliott, G. (1995) Liberty Ships Eastward. Provincial. [The adventures of a young Merchant Marine officer aboard a World War II Liberty ship on the Murmansk run and in other convoys.]

Elphick, P. (1999) Lifeline. Chatham Publishing. [From countless interviews with survivors Elphick has succeeded in portraying what it was really like to serve under the Red Ensign in every theatre of the war. As well as the convoy battles in the North Atlantic and the epic stories of survival at sea by torpedoed sailors, he covers the role of merchant ships in the evacuation of Singapore in 1942 and escapes by merchant seamen from POW camps. This study shows just what the sailors of the Merchant Navy had to face in keeping Britain's "life-line" open.] or

Elphick, P. (2001) Liberty: The Ship That Won the War. Chatham Publishing. or

Enever, T. (1999) Britain's Best Kept Secret: Ultra's Base at Bletchley Park. Sutton Publishing.

Evans, M.L. (1999) Great World War II Battles in the Arctic. Greenwood Publishing Group. or

Fairbank White, D. (2006) Bitter Ocean : The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945. or

Faulks, S. (1994) Birdsong. Vintage. [Not about the Battle of the Atlantic, but a highly recommended novel about the the First World War. Beg, borrow or steal a copy, or buy it from here! ] or Audio versions are also available - or

Faulks, S. (Ed.) (1998) The Vintage Book of War Stories. Vintage. [Includes extracts from books about the war at sea.]

Felknor, B.L. (ed.) (1999) The U.S. Merchant Marine at War, 1775-1945. Naval Institute Press. or

Fluckey, E.B. (1997) Thunder Below!: The USS Barb Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II . Univ of Illinois Pr. or

Forester, C.S. (1998) The Good Shepherd. G.K. Hall/Naval Institute Press. or An audio version is also available from

Francis, T.L. (1997) Submarines: Leviathans of the Deep. Metro.

Frank, W. (1954) Enemy Submarine: The Story of Günther Prien, Captain of U-47. William Kimber.

Frank, W. (1973) The Sea Wolves. George Mann.

Franks, N. (1995) Search, Find and Kill; The RAF's U-boat Successes in World War Two. Grub Street. or

Franks, N. (1997) Dark Sky, Deep Water: First Hand Reflections on the Anti-U-Boat War in Europe in World War Two. Grub Street. or

Franks, N. (1999) Conflict Over the Bay: Momentous Battles Fought by RAF and American Aircraft Against the U-Boats, Bay of Biscay May-August 1943. Grub Street. or

Franks, N. & Zimmerman, E. (1998) U-boat Versus Aircraft: The Dramatic Story behind U-boat claims in Gun Action with Aircraft in WW2. Grub Street. or

Furbringer, W & Brooks, G (Translator). (2000) Fips: Legendary U-Boat Commander. Naval Institute Press. [Recollections of First World War U-boat commander.] or

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