SPAD Competition. At Lakeside on the12th November - By
Alan De Wilde

Well he goes with my first effort at a piece for the newsletter. For all you who don’t know there are some of us who fly what are called Spads (simple plastic aeroplane design) basically a bit of drain pipe with a for sale sign strapped to it. The comp entails tying a piece of streamer to the back and chasing each other around to try and cut their streamers. Well that’s basically what it is.

Saturday morning arrives and the weather looks good, a bit cold but hey it is November after all. Myself and Neil Gill and Chas Campen arrive early to get everything ready. As usual spirits are high and the banter flows as normal for our friendly club. Flight line laid out, pilot line laid out, peg board put out and streamers cut to size. All that’s needed now is the rest of the nutters, oops sorry, fellow combat flyers to turn up. Every one turns up that said they were coming even a bloke with an uncontrollable dog you know who you are! But Neil says we are waiting for just one more flyer to turn up but he never did show some say he was running scared after the last comp, some say he had better offer (nudge nudge Colin ). So Neil gets the first lot of names ready on the board for heat one. Which goes with out incident. Then the second round and the long awaited combat début of the Steve Hammond prototype. Well it is a lot slower than the Spads and Draco that it is up against, but against all odds he got a cut which is greeted with a round of applause and p…. taking of course. So the day continues and there are a couple of casualties with mid airs and our own Shaun was one of them. Scratch one Spad bring out the spare. Well Steve gets another go and this time not so good, no cut and trying to get the spot landing he comes in at 45 degrees and smashes the fuz on the prototype and that is his day done, note to Steve, build a spare next time. Well dinner time comes round and we break for a bit of a barbeque, yes even in November told you we are nutters my wife and her trusty assistant Mathew Campen do a sterling job in feeding and watering the troops. Thanks for that you two, a job well done! how you did it god only knows, ha ha. So now to the afternoons flying and after a count up of the mornings results Chas is in the lead closely followed by yours truly. Poor old Shaun is having some trouble and with his adopted pit man Steve, they do an engine change. This gets Shaun back in the comp, and yes I know Steve is not your first thought as a pit man unless it is kicking your engine to get it to run right eh Steve (only joking mate) sorry I have forgoten to say that the boys from Iingalshum and lakeside are putting up stiff opposition. Well Neil took out the Draco, which was flown by Vic from Ingelshum nice straight through the wing and Neil went on unscathed. What a bully he is.

But Vic came back with another model to carry on the comp. Neil had not been having a very productive day up until the last few rounds when the master Spader as he likes to call him self, got lucky and started to get some cuts. He says that he was just biding his time yeah, yeah, we all no what the truth is Neil. Then Shaun has a another mishap and his plane goes in and is not repairable and his day is done. Not a good day for poor old Shaun. Myself lost a plane after getting a cut it just went into a dive and would not pull up. Neil had another coming together and lost half a aileron but still carried on the rest of the round; show off. Well as the day came to a close there was just one last all up free for all seven Spads in total mayhem. I had a blistering round and got four cuts and being chased all the time by Chas like a dog after a bone. Well that was the days flying done, time to pack up have some more barbeque and some tea and coffee to try and warm up while the master of proceedings Neil Gill added up the scores on the doors. Well the boys from PARCS did you all proud again with a first surprise, surprise. Mr Neil Gill, a third for Chas Campen and a fourth for me. So if you fancy some fun and some good old healthy competition get building a Spad they are great fun.

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