Peel replicas are an emotive subject - you either love them or hate them. Fact of life is that they exist. The problem is when replicas are passed off as genuine cars.

If you want a Peel but cannot afford up to £35,000 that some now sell for, you can get an almost exact replica for a fraction of the price. Some replicas have modern engines with electric start and automatic drive, making them easier to drive and maintain.

To date almost 30 Peel P50 and Trident replicas have been built or are being constructed by enthusiasts around the World. Many parts are available from autojumbles etc., and other parts have been remade. Kits and complete cars are available.

I am the progenitor of Peel replicas, however several sets of moulds now exist around the World. Details of replicas are included in the Peel register to help clarify the original cars, and prevent confusion.

New Trident shells

New Trident shells