The Peel Register is a record of Peel cars including prototypes, P50s, Tridents, Vikings, P1000s and replicas.

Unfortunately no company records appear to exist regarding how many Peels were actually built.

Many different production numbers have been published over the years, but on the right is a fact based breakdown:
* denotes approximate figure

If you know of or own a Peel, or have details of any car / pictures from the past please contact me to include details in the register.

We are told that Peel Engineering received just two hundred 49cc Zweirad Union engines from DKW, and at least 50 of these were used as a source of spares to repair cars under Guarantee (There are stories of several customers forgetting to add oil to the petrol and wrecking engines). However, study of known engine numbers on the register suggest that even fewer cars might have been built.

I doubt if we will ever know the exact number of Peels produced, as there are several anomalies in the numbering of genuine cars. Some cars were built after the moulds were sold abroad, and a few Tridents were built with 99cc Triumph Tina or T10 power units.

To summarise;
approx. 130 Peel P50s and Tridents were built in total, of which around 60 are known to still exist.
More register details to follow shortly.

In the meantime, please get in touch to confirm your details or check information

Model No. Built No. Known Comments
Manx Car 1 0  
P50 Prototype 2 2 Single Front Wheel
Peel P50 50* 27 D500 to D546 + some early E100s
Peel Trident 82 31 E114 to E196
Viking Minisport 24* 7 Mini-based. Some in kit form.
P1000 n/a 6 Some bodyshells only
P50 Replicas 12 12 Up to January 2009
Trident Replicas 28 27 Up to January 2009 (One blown up on TV)
Steam packet ferry 1965

Steam packet ferry 1965