In July 2005 the very first Peel rally was held.

“Peels to Peel” was organised by Grant Kearney and the Manx Transport Museum Group - and was a great success.

20 Peels and scores of enthusiasts gathered in Peel for 4 days of peeling.

The weekends’ entertainment included sight-seeing tours around the beautiful Island, an evening of food & entertainment in Peel including a superb talk by ex Peel Engineering manager George Gelling, a visual show of period pictures by Grant Kearney, a drive around the 38 mile TT circuit by 10 Peels, a chance to talk to people who worked at Peel engineering, car display and parade, a visit by Norman Wisdom to the Sunday car show, and much socialising etc.

Thanks to many who made it such a memorable rally, including Sam Knight, Chris Machin, Grant Kearney, George Gelling.

The best chance to see Peels and other microcars is at the National Microcar Rally. To find details of the next rally see the National Microcar website

TT Grid 2005

TT Grid 2005