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The Association in Scotland To Research into Astronautics
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Glasgow Meeting January 27th 2001

The Next Thousand Years In Space

A Report On ASTRA Glasgow’s New Millennium Meeting
By Andy Nimmo

This document is © copyright 29th January 2001 by ASTRA Glasgow Branch,
and may be copied for personal use only.

The Short Version (Conclusions Only)
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Firstly, many many thanks to those members of the Venture Star Club who leapt to assist me when assistance was sorely needed: Leon Neihouse of Alphaspace Products, Isis7_2001, Cheryl, Cosmoseditor, and especially Spaceplane_guy who gave us all a much needed lighter moment. Also to those members of ASTRA Glasgow: science writer Duncan Lunan; medical physics university student and intending astronaut Ivan Dale; Discovery Space Club leader Robert Law; Admin man Jamie McLean; classical and jazz musician Mark Hayward; and to those others who attended and gave cogent comments, some of which are recorded below without attribution for the simple reason that there was so much being discussed I didn’t manage to record it all.

So what do we think jointly? As all forecasts by both groups were made by individuals, there is as yet no real general agreement on actual dates, though there was some agreement by some folk. Accordingly, here are most of the things forecast by both groups, with the names of those who made the forecasts, but in the date order I myself think most likely:

2001-2101 The rise of Asia in space and more countries becoming involved (Jamie)- major developments in Superstring Theory (Me) - extended lifespans (Me) – space tourism (Jamie)- space manufacturing (Leon) -asteroid mining both human and robotic (Leon, Duncan, Robert & Jamie) - Lunar settlement, (Leon & Duncan) – a space war (Robert)– Mars life question settled (Mark) - humans on Mars (Cosmoseditor, Leon, Robert, Jamie & Ivan) – beginning of terraforming Mars (Ivan)- alien contact at some point – (Isis7_2001 & Robert)-, - regular interplanetary travel - SPSs (Leon) – Venus atmosphere research (Mark) - Quantum Computers (Jamie and I) - poss zero point power (Leon & Ivan) – a space elevator (Leon) - a space settlement, (Leon) – an unmanned interstellar probe may be launched, (Robert)- interplanetary infrastructure will begin to be established.

 2101-2201 At least a year's warning of asteroid & comet hazards (Leon) – dirt cheap space tourism (Jamie) – further terraforming Mars (Leon) – many orbiting space settlements being set up (Jamie & Robert) - utilization of the resources of Jupiter and its system (Duncan) - antimatter initiated microfusion and many new technologies (Ivan) -unmanned interstellar probes (Leon) – warp FTL drive (Cheryl & Robert) - interstellar travel (Robert & Cheryl) - hyper drive (Cheryl) - experimental inter-dimensional multiverse travel (Me) - our Solar System becomes an integrated economic unit.

 2201-2301 - Major developments in time travel theory (Me) - Ability to move entire human population off Earth within one year, if required (Leon) –cities in space (Jamie) -terraforming Venus (Leon & Jamie) – completion of terraforming Mars (Ivan)- outer Solar System resource utilization (Duncan & Ivan) - interstellar planetary settlement (Cheryl & Leon) - transference of human consciousness to artificial hosts.

 2301-2401 Exploration of our Solar System’s cometary halo (Duncan) - experimental time travel (Me) - full zero point power (Leon & Ivan) – interstellar planetary engineering begins (Ivan).

 2401-2501 Mobile O’Neill type habitat satellites carrying millions at a time to other stellar systems (Duncan) – Interstellar diplomacy begins with visits to alien interstellar cultures (Me) - bridgehead human settlements outside our known time & universe (Me).

2501-2601 Terraforming in other systems (Duncan) - Many extra-Solar planets taken over (Ivan) – general human interstellar migration.

2601-2701 Building a new Solar System at the Chebotarev point 1.02 parsecs out from us (Duncan) - initiating nuclear reactions of choice in brown dwarf stars (Ivan) - multi-species communities established.

2701-2801 Major advances in FTL (Ivan) – building orbital space settlements round other stars (Duncan)

2801-2901 Possible intergalactic travel ability (Ivan forecast Andromeda Galaxy in a week!).

2901-3001 Human habitat satellites around 100 stars out to 22 light years, as tabulated in the book “Habitable Planets for Man” by Stephen H Dole (Duncan) - massive planetary, stellar and galactic engineering projects, to enable humanity to grow to excess of 100 trillion (Ivan).

Duncan Lunan commented that all of his forecasts were provisional on the supposition that there would be no contact with extraterrestrials in the meantime.

As Arthur C. Clarke pointed out in his new millennium message, some folk alive now may live to see the next millennium. Medical science will advance as well as spaceflight. Accordingly, it will be interesting for those of us who do live a long time to see which of those predictions come true.


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