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Would You Like To Live & Work in Space...
Or just have a burning desire to go up and spend a week or more in an orbital hotel sometime in your lifetime? Then you've surfed into the right place
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Founded in 1980, we're Europe's longest running grass roots space-politics society, but we also have our own long term plan to take our members up to live and work in space. Until the day comes for that, we support all ventures calculated to bring down the cost of space travel, and to make it possible for the general public to participate, such as space tourism.

Future Settlers' Interstellar Travel Circa 3001?

I originally planned to write a good faq sheet on space settlement for this site, but then I read Mike Combs' excellent faq sheet, available free of charge on the "Island One" site, and realized there was no way I could better that. Accordingly, if you don't understand any of the terms used on this site, don't know what an O'Neill habitat satellite is, or whatever, go to our links pages, press the Island One logo, and you'll be taken instantly to their site where you can get yourself a copy, read it, and come back here knowing what we're talking about. The Island One site and Mike's excellent faq sheet are both recommended by the Space Settlers' Society. - Andy Nimmo.

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Linking Europe in Space-Politics,
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Space Tourism Today and Tomorrow,
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Present Space Settlers' Office Bearers:-

Honorary Chairman:-  Professor A. E. Roy B.Sc., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., F.B.I.S.
Honorary Vice Chairmen:- David Atkinson M.P., The Rt. Hon.Lord George Robertson, Ben Bova,
 Graeme Duncan M.B.Ch.B., B.Sc., M.R.C.P., F.B.I.S., Aldo G. Rabaiotti

Europe’s most experienced Space-Politics Society.   Founded in 1980

Executive Board:-

President: Andy Nimmo, Rutherglen, Glasgow
Vice President: Danny Kane
 Science Sub-Committee Chairman: Gregory Beekman B.Sc., Ph.D. London,
Director: Ivan Dale, Coatbridge, Director: Duncan Lunan M.A., Glasgow, Director: James A. Voller, Liverpool. 
Treasurer: James McLean, Cambuslang.  
General Secretary: Robert  Law, 14D Marmion Court, Foxbar, Paisley, Scotland.
Phone: 01505 349 982 Mobile: 07974 553 606 Email: 

These pages were initially launched on November 15, 1998, and updated several times in the first week.
They will be further updated at least monthly, with news and other updates usually weekly,
daily, or more often - one of our news pages has already been updated 3 times in one day!
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