Recent History of the Rundell's

The Rundells were first recorded in Scotland in the 1881 Census of Scotland. John and Mary Ann (Luxon) were registered as living at 30 Dykehead, Hamilton with their 8 children; Ann Maria (20), George (18), Charles (15), Joseph (13), Thomas (10), James (9), William (7) and Robert (5). As Ann Maria, George and Charles were all born in England and  Joseph, Thomas, James, William and Robert registered as being born in Scotland , that places their migration from St Blazey in Cornwall between Charles' birth in 1866 and Josephs' birth in 1868 at around 1867. Additionally, the oldest child John (25) who would have traveled with the family at that time, was recorded as living at 137 Raploch Street, Dalserf, Lanark with his wife Annie (22) and their son John (1) in the same census.

      John (Snr) died 12 April 1897 aged 63 from Chronic Bronchitis and Heart attack. John was a miner, as he was when he left Cornwall .

      John (Jnr), the eldest was married to Annie. Born in Tywardreath, Cornwall , England in 1856. They had a son, also John.

      William died 04 July 1898 aged 24 from Tuberculosis. William was a miner and unmarried. His death was registered by his brother John who signed the Death Certificate with a cross.

      Mary Ann died 16 February 1912 aged 77 from Chronic Bronchitis and Cardiac Failure, her death was also registered by her son John, who again signed the certificate with a cross.

      Robert died 15 May 1913 aged 37 from Emphysema and a perforated lung; he was a Colliery Fireman and was married to Maria Galsworthy (deceased).

      Joseph died 21 February 1920 aged 52, he was the first Rundell born in Scotland , the first Rundell a true Scot!

      James died 03 February 1921 aged 48 in the Victoria Infirmary Glasgow, the result of being crushed in an accident at the pit were he worked as a miner, he was married to Agnes Hamilton.

      Anna Maria ( Info to follow )

      George ( Info to follow )

      Thomas ( Info to follow )

      My own Grandfather Thomas from Larkhall (b 1901), carried on the tradition of mining in the family until retiring.


 Great great great Grandmother Maria Gerry in Tywardreath, Cornwall c1840 aged 35, with her children Elizabeth aged 11, great great grandfather John aged 9 and Jane aged 8. The baby is not named.

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