Present Day Rundells

The current crop of Rundells living in the Rutherglen area are descended from grandfather Thomas and grandmother Winnie (Kane), who married in Cambuslang in 1921 and had 5 children:- Thomas, Willie, Jimmy, Andrew and Winnie.

Thomas married Mary (Martin) and had 5 children:- Anna, Thomas, Patricia Andrew and Clare.
Willie married Annie (O'Friel): they had two children:- William and Anne.
Jimmy married Annie: they had two children:- James and Elizabeth.
Andrew married Pat: they had two children:- Morag and Suzanne.
Winnie married Willie (McDougal): they had no children.

My own Family

My own Family:- Anna married Ray (Brown) and moved the Wirral in 1965; they have 2 Children - Louise and Joanne.
Thomas married Mary (Kelly) and emigrated to Australia in 1974; they have 2 Children - Jamie and Mathew.
Patricia married and lives in Rutherglen with husband John; her 2 Children are - Diane and Thomas.
Andrew married Liz (Twaddle) in 1974 and live in Rutherglen; they have 2 Children - Gillian and Andrew.
Clare married Paul (Young) in 1994 and also lives in Rutherglen; like the rest, they have 2 Children - Jennifer and Heather.


There are Rundells all over the West of Scotland, predominantly in the Larkhall area, where the early Rundell immigrants, John and Mary Ann from Cornwall first settled in 1867, and where my Grandfather Thomas, the youngest of 11 children, was born in 1901.

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