The Family Photo Album.


A Letter from Jim Meikle to his Mother, 08 February 1917, France.


Dear Mother                                   8/2/17

Just a few lines to let you know that I'm keeping in the best of health, hoping this finds you all in the same. Well you must excuse me for taking so long to write, also this letter, for we are in the dark and all the boys are the same, behind with their letters. I suppose you will have heard the great do of the R N D* it was very heavy fighting, the mate that was up seeing you that is Gray, he has been wounded in the hand. Well once I come out of the trenches I will write to you all and let you know more about it as I want to get this note away to let you know I come out it all right so I will draw to a close at present.

From your loving Son Jim.  xxxxxxxxx

*Royal Naval Division.

James Meikle, A B (Royal Naval Division).

James was killed in the trenches very soon after writing this letter to his Mother, and before it arrived home, he also met his Father James Snr there and fought along side him before being killed in action on 23rd April 1917.

James Snr joined up again to fight in the second world war. He was the oldest man ever to sign up.  (He was honorably discharged when discovered after his Wife reported him.

Cuttings of Great Grandfather James Meikle.

Hand embroidered postcards sent from France  from James Snr to his Wife. and from James Jnr to his Mother. 

                     Gran McShane, Mum & Aunt Margaret. c 1927.    Great Grampa Meikle, Mum & Patsy Gallagher. c 1930.


               Tommy Rundell 1940.                          Tommy & Mary Rundell 1945.


      Tommy & Mary and her brother Charlie McShane. c 1942.

The Meikle Clan on Holiday.


Great Grandfather James Meikle, Peggy, Mother Mary, Margaret, Rita, Grandmother Mary & Great Grandmother.


The Meikle Clan


Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Maria Gery with Great Great Great Great Grandfather John, circa 1840.


                  Trisha, Grampa Rundell, Dad and Gran Rundell, 1970.                 'Auld Tam',  Grampa Rundell.


Present Day Rundells

The Rundells 1964.


118 118 Man in Love Child Mystery.              'Got Your Number'

Me with Gillian & Andrew 1980.


Andrew & Jen,  June 2006.

Baby Reece with his new Family, 05/09/06.

Reece Andrew Rundell.


Me and my Grandson,  our first outing together.


Me and the Kids at the park, June 2007.

St Cuthberts Way, April 2007.

Me and my new Grandson, 5th Sept 2006.


Ceud Mile Failte