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Birth: 1784 Ledbury HEF ENG

Father: Thomas Preece

Mother: Mary Jones


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Wife: Elizabeth Hill

Marriage: 20 October 1812 Ledbury HEF ENG


More details of this family


: (from IGI)
: (All baptised Ledbury, dates in brackets)
Child: Ann Preece - (26/09/1813)
Child: William Preece - (26/02/1815)
Child: Eleanor Preece - (01/06/1817)
Child: Betsy Preece - (28/03/1819)
Child: Robert Preece - (04/02/1821)
Child: Thomas Preece - (26/01/1823)
Child: Philip Preece - (23/01/1825)
Child: Sarah Preece - (24/12/1827)
Child: John Preece - (16/08/1831)
1851 census (transcribed by Andrew Preece)
Piece 1975 Folio 135b Ledbury 
Homnend Street 
Surname     Fore Name  Relation  Age Sex Status Occupation     Where Born 
PREECE      William    Head      65  M   Mar    Currier        Herefordshire Bosbury 
PREECE      Elizabeth  Wife      64  F   Mar    Monthly ????   Herefordshire Ledbury  
PREECE      Sarah      Daur      23  F   U      ????  ?????    Herefordshire Ledbury   
PREECE      John       Son       19  M   U      Bac????        Herefordshire Ledbury  
SHILL?      Mary Ann   Granddaur 7   F   U      Scholar        Gloucestershire Goutin R???? 
CALLOWHILLL Mary Ann   Lodger    60  F   U                     Worcestershire Grindley 
BANKS       Maria      Lodger    66  F   Widow                 Herefordshire Ledbury  
1841 census from Ian Preece (see http://www.preece 67.fsnet.co.uk)
LEDBURY  HEF  Address : HOMEND     PRO Reference:-  
WILLIAM PREECE                            50    CURRIER                     Born in County:- YES 
ELIZABETH PREECE                          50                                Born in County:- YES 
ROBERT PREECE                             20                                Born in County:- YES 
THOMAS PREECE                             15                                Born in County:- YES 
SARAH PREECE                              14                                Born in County:- YES 
JOHN PREECE                               10                                Born in County:- YES 

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