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October 26th, 1944

FRANCE: Vosges Mountains: 100th/442nd RCT rescues the “Lost Battalion,” which was cut off and surrounded by the enemy. There are 800 Nisei casualties in order to save 211 lives. (Gene Hanson)

GERMANY: U-3028, U-3528 laid down. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.S.R.:  Mukachevo in the souther Carpathians is the site of a link up between the  2nd and 4th Ukraine Fronts in a pincer movement.

ITALY: Heavy rain halts the Allied advance.

COMMONWEALTH OF THE PHILIPPINES: US attack Japanese positions on Catmon Hill, north of Dulag,  Leyte. Despite initial setbacks, the US forces gain  the position in the wake a Japanese withdrawal. Japanese reinforce Leyte  from Ormoc.

 Japanese Admiral Nishamura's Southern Force and Admiral Shima's force are  attacked by PT Boats and then destroyers during their transit of Surigao  Strait. PTs sink 1 cruiser, the destroyers sind battleship Fuso and 3  destroyers. US Admiral Oldendorff's 6 battleships and 8 cruisers sink  battleship Yamashiro and almost wreck Mogami.

 Admiral Kurita's Northern Force, 4 BBs, 8 CA, 11 DDs, transit San  Bernardino Strait and find US TG 77.4.3 (6 CVE, 8 DD) off Samar. Between  7:00 am and 9:00 am the Japanese gradually close despite repeated air  strikes from the escort carriers and determined torpedo attacks from the  escorting destroyers. After loosing 3 cruisers and facing the determined  defence of the carriers, Admiral Kurita begins to retire. Some tactical  errors of ship handling contribute to his situation. He misses his chance  at the invasion ships off Leyte and believes he has sunk several fleet  carriers, in fact 3 destroyers and 1 escort carrier are sunk, others  damaged.

 A Japanese air strike against the 3 escort carrier groups sinking 4 escort  carriers and damaging 3. These are the first significant, premeditated  suicide attacks that will become known as Kamikaze attacks.

 US Admiral Halsey has TF 38, fast fleet carriers, and TF 34, fast  battleships, north to intercept Japanese Admiral Ozawa's decoy force of  carriers. Hearing the news of the Battle off Samar, Halsey returns, too  late to assist. He leaves 2 carrier groups to strike the Japanese  carriers, sinking Zuiho and Zuikaku with 2 destroyers and a cruiser. 3  other cruisers of various retiring Japanese forces are sunk by air strikes  during the day.

 The Battle of Leyte Gulf is over, including the Battle off Samar and the  Battle of Cape Engano.

The US ships sunk on 25 October during the Battle of Leyte Gulf are:
USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73)

 USS St Lo (CVE-63)


 USS Hoel (DD-533)

USS Johnston (DD-557)



 USS Eversole (DE-404)

 USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)

 The light aircraft carrier USS Princeton (CVL-23) was sunk off Luzon on 24  October.


0200 hours: USS Sea Fox (SS-402) sinks a cargo ship at 29-05 N, 127-40 E.

0400 hours: USS Drum (SS-228) sinks a passenger-cargo ship and a cargo ship at 19-30 N, 120-44 E and 19-97 N, 120-42 E. 

0700 hours: USS Drum (SS-228) sinks an armed transport at 19-07 N, 120-42 E.

0700 hours: USS Icefish (SS-367) sinks a cargo ship at 19-07 N, 120-42 E. (Skip Guidry)

Special Task Air Group One makes last attack in month long demonstration of TDR drone missile against Japanese shipping and islands in the Pacific. Of 46 missiles fired, 29 reached their target areas. (Dave Shirlaw)


Corvette HMCS La Malbaie departed Londonderry for refit at Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Corvette HMCS Lachute commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.A.: Submarine USS Brill commissioned.

A secret OSS report originating in Stockholm stated that a U-boat carrying a V-1 was about to sail on a mission to attack New York. (Dave Shirlaw)

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