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April 2nd, 1944 (SUNDAY)

ITALY: Twelfth Air Force B-25s and B-26 Marauders attack railroad bridges at Arezzo, Fano, Ficulle, Magra, north of Orvieto, and south of Poggibonsi, scoring some direct hits, hits on approaches, and several near misses; fighter-bombers hit trucks and the railroad station at Fara in Sabina and east and north of Anzio, attack the Formia tunnel, fly armed reconnaissance over the Atina and Arce areas, bomb a factory and buildings north of Cassino, the town of Pignataro Interamna and numerous bridges, dumps, gun positions and targets of opportunity in or around the battle areas. (Jack McKillop)

YUGOSLAVIA: The Fifteenth Air Force dispatches 29 B-17s and 63 B-24s to attack three targets: 35 B-24s bomb the Bihac marshalling yard, 28 B-24s bomb an air depot at Mostar, and the B-17s bomb a marshalling yard at Brod.

The P-47 escorts shoot down three Bf-109s. (Jack McKillop)

The Soviets enter ROMANIA across the Prat River near Chernovtsy

AUSTRIA: Fifteenth Air Force B-17s and B-24s attack targets at Steyr: 125 B-17s and 30 B-24s bomb the ball bearing plant and 168 B-24s hit the Daimler-Puch aircraft components factory and the depot at the Steyr Airfield. P-38s and P-47 Thunderbolts fly 150+ sorties in support of the bombers; hundreds of enemy fighters oppose the missions and fierce air battles result in 19 bombers shot down and several missing; the AAF shoots down 33 Luftwaffe aircraft against the loss of one P-38. (Jack McKillop)

FINLAND: A Finnish Air Force Brewster Buffalo of Lentolaivue 24 shoots down a Soviet La-5. (Jason Long)

INDIA: The first operational XX Bomber Command B-29 Superfortress, piloted by Colonel Leonard F Harman, lands at Chakulia. (Jack McKillop) 

British troops advance between Kohima and Imphal.

BURMA:12 Tenth Air Force P-40s bomb Kamaing while 6 P-51 Mustangs over the Katha area hit trucks near Bhamo and a storage area at Indaw. Twelve RAF Vengeances attack Japanese troops near Buthidaung. (Jack McKillop)

CHINA: 2 Fourteenth Air Force B-24s on a sea sweep from Hong Kong to Formosa bomb a 215-foot (66 meter) ship (reported sunk) and damage a large motor launch. (Jack McKillop)

BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO:40+ Thirteenth Air Force fighter-bombers over Rabaul on New Britain Island, hit the south-eastern part of town, the Toboi wharf area, and northern section of town along the Malaguna road; and 7 B-25s hit Raluana Point while 23 pound Lakunai. Fifth Air Force B-25s bomb Rambutyo Island. (Jack McKillop)

CAROLINE ISLANDS: Seventh Air Force B-24s from Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands hit Truk Atoll during the night of 1/2 April. During the day, 31 Thirteenth Air Force B-24s fly a strike against Dublon Island, Truk Atoll, causing considerable damage to the warehouse and dock areas; the bombers claim 30+ fighters downed; 4 B-24s are lost. (Jack McKillop)

Marshall Islands: Seventh Air Force B-25s bomb Jaluit and Maloelap Atolls.

The USN's Task Unit 57.10.9, composed of destroyer escort USS Sanders (DE-40), tank landing ship USS LST-127 and infantry landing craft LCI-346 and LCI-449 occupies Mejit Island. The small Japanese force that opposes the occupation is wiped out by gunfire support provided by the LCIs. (Jack McKillop)

NETHERLANDS East Indies: Fifth Air Force B-25s bomb Dili and Penfoei on Timor Island. (Jack McKillop)

NEW GUINEA: 120+ Fifth Air Force bombers and fighters continue to hit targets in areas around Wewak, Hansa Bay, Madang, Bogadjim, and other points along the northeastern coastline. (Jack McKillop)

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