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November 6th, 1943

UNITED KINGDOM: Frigate HMS Stayner launched. (Dave Shirlaw)


U-299, U-320, U-398, U-925 launched.

U-2501, U-2502, U-2503, U-2504, U-2505, U-2506, U-2507, U-2508, U-2509, U-2510, U-2511, U-2512, U-2513, U-2514, U-2515, U-2516, U-2517, U-2518, U-2519, U-2520, U-2521, U-2522, U-2523, U-2524, U-2525, U-2526, U-2527, U-2528, U-2529, U-2530, U-2531, U-2533, U-2534, U-2535, U-2536, U-2538, U-2539, U-2540, U-2541, U-2542, U-2543, U-2544, U-2545, U-2546, U-2548, U-2551, U-2552, U-3001, U-3002, U-3003, U-3004, U-3005, U-3006, U-3007, U-3008, U-3009, U-3010, U-3011, U-3012, U-3013, U-3014, U-3015, U-3016, U-3017, U-3018, U-3019, U-3020, U-3021, U-3022, U-3023, U-3024, U-3025, U-3026, U-3027, U-3028, U-3029, U-3030, U-3031, U-3032, U-3033, U-3034, U-3035, U-3037, U-3038, U-3039, U-3040, U-3041, U-3044, U-3501, U-3502, U-3503, U-3504, U-3505, U-3506, U-3507, U-3508, U-3509, U-3510, U-3511, U-3512, U-3513, U-3514, U-3515, U-3516, U-3517, U-3518, U-3519, U-3520, U-3521, U-3522, U-3523, U-3524, U-3525, U-3526, U-3527, U-3528, U-3529, U-3530 ordered.

U-248 commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.S.R.: Kiev is liberated by Vatutin's units. Stalin issues a special order of the day and broadcasts to celebrate this victory. Despite losing 6,000 as POW the Germans slip out again.

Kiev: Celebrations for tomorrow's anniversary of the 1917 Revolution started early today with the news that Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, has been liberated after more than two years of German rule.

The battle to free the city was launched by General Vatutin three days ago, Vatutin first tricked von Manstein into thinking that he was going to attack out of the bridgehead across the Dnieper at Bukrin and then, when the Germans concentrated at Bukrin, made his assault out of the smaller lodgement at Lyutezh.

The Russians ripped a great hole in the German lines and swung west behind Kiev. It rapidly became obvious that the Germans would not be able to hold the city. 

Von Manstein pulled out most of his men, leaving only the 88th Infantry Division behind as a rearguard. The 88th, outnumbered and outgunned, has been cut to pieces and its few survivors are straggling back to the German lines having lost all their heavy equipment.

The fall of Kiev marks not only a psychological victory for the Russians but also an end to a short series of successful German counter-attacks.

They had virtually wiped out 7,000 paratroopers dropped across the Dnieper; they had foiled an early breakout from Bukrin and administered a severe check at Krivoi Rog, where they killed 10,000 Russians and captured 5,000. Now the Red Army is once again sweeping westwards.

Moscow: More men, more tanks, more guns, more aircraft - that is the secret of the Red Army's astonishing turnabout success against the most professional army in the world just when it seemed that the Soviet Union was about to collapse.

The inexhaustible supplies of men and materials emerging from the depths of Russia have ground down the Germans. The Red Army now fields 6.5 million men against 4.3 million Germans. The Russians have 5,600 tanks against the Germans' 2,600. They have 90,000 guns against 54,000, and 8,000 aircraft against 3,000. But it is a matter of quality as well as quantity. Russian tanks and aircraft now match the once superior German equipment.

The Russians have also learnt how to fight a modern war. New commanders have emerged to use new tactics. But most important of all has been the fortitude and patriotism of the Russian soldier.

ITALY: German armour is being raced eastwards to counter a major threat to the Gustav Line by the Eighth Army which stormed Vasto yesterday, meeting fierce resistance from General Herr's tanks. British destroyers are giving supporting fire from the Adriatic as British and Canadian troops advance along the coast.

The 8th Indian Division had reached Palmoli and  the US Fifth Army is reported to be ten miles from Capua, a key point on the road to Rome, held up by torrential rain as well as the Germans.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: Destroyer USS Beatty sunk after being torpedoed by German aircraft off Cape Bougaroun, Algeria. 12 of her crew were lost with the ship.

Troopship SS Santa Elena sunk by German torpedo-bombers off the coast of North Africa. The ship was carrying 1,800 Canadian Army personnel, including 99 nurses from No. 14 Canadian General Hospital. Fortunately, no lives were lost. However, the ship sank with a large amount of equipment, including all of the hospital's gear. (Dave Shirlaw)

PACIFIC OCEAN: USN Submarine Operations:

0200: USS HADDOCK (SS-231) sinks an oiler at 07-54 N, 150-06 E and an armed oiler at 08-08 N, 149-45 E. (Skip Guidry)

CANADA: Corvette HMCS Alberni departed Gaspe, Province of Quebec for refit Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

Frigate HMCS Beacon Hill launched Esquimalt, British Columbia.

Minesweeper HMS Seabear launched Toronto, Ontario.

Corvette HMCS St Lambert launched Quebec City, Province of Quebec

U.S.A.: "Paper Doll" by The Mills Brothers reaches Number 1 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart in the U.S. This song, which debuted on the charts on 7 August 1943, was charted for 30 weeks, was Number 1 for 12 weeks and was ranked Number 2 for the year 1943. (Jack McKillop)

Destroyer escorts USS Wiseman, Varian, Scroggins launched.

Frigates USS Bangor and Brunswick launched.

Submarine USS Pampanito commissioned.

Frigate USS Tacoma commissioned.

Escort carrier USS Kula Gulf laid down.

(Dave Shirlaw)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: Captain F. J. Walker's 2nd Escort Group sinks two U-boats.

U-226 sunk at 0700hrs in the North Atlantic east of Newfoundland, in position 44.49N, 41.13W, by depth charges from the British sloops HMS Starling, HMS Woodcock and HMS Kite. 51 dead (all hands lost).

U-842 sunk at 1400hrs in the western North Atlantic, in position 43.42N, 42.08W, by depth charges from the British sloops HMS Starling and HMS Wild Goose. 56 dead (all hands lost). (Dave Shirlaw)


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