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October 21st, 1943

UNITED KINGDOM: Admiral Pound is dead. He had resigned as British First Sea Lord on October 4. Admiral Sir John Cunningham succeeds Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in command of Royal Navy units in the Mediterranean.

GERMANY: U-999, U-1194 commissioned.

U-101 stricken at Neustadt. Scuttled there on 3 May 1945. Wreck broken up, (Dave Shirlaw)

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: U-431 (Type VIIC) is sunk in the Mediterranean off the coast of Algiers at position 37.23N, 00.35E, by depth charges from a British Wellington aircraft (Sqdn. 179/Z) 52 dead (all crew lost). (Alex Gordon)

CANADA: Minesweeper Chedabucta collides with SS Lord Kelvin in the Gulf of St. Lawrence at 48 14N 69 16W. She survives the collision. but after survey is declared to be a constructive total loss. (Alex Gordon)(108)

Frigate HMCS Prince Rupert arrived Halifax from Esquimalt, British Columbia. (Dave Shirlaw)


Submarines USS Bugara and Bullhead laid down.

Destroyer escorts USS Rinehart and Roche laid down.

Destroyer USS Stephen Potter commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: While serving as a Flak boat U-271 was attacked by two Avengers from USS Core and one man from its crew died.

U-68 sank ASW trawler HMS Orfasy. (Dave Shirlaw)

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