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September 2nd, 1943

UNITED KINGDOM: The US Eighth Air Force in England dispatches both the VIII Air Support Command and the VIII Bomber Command to attack targets in France. 

- The VIII Air Support Command flies Missions 41 and 42: 216 B-26B Marauders are dispatched to 5 targets in France (36 per target); the missions to a power station at Rouen and Poix/Nord and Lille/Nord Airfields are aborted due to weather; 35 B-26s hit a power station at Mazingarbe and 69 hit a fuel dump at Hesden; 1 B-26 is lost.

- The VIII Bomber Command flies Mission 89 against airfields in France but because of unfavorable cloud conditions only part of one force is able to attack a target. 
(1) B-17 Flying Fortresses are dispatched to airfields in northwestern France but the mission is abandoned at the French coast due to heavy clouds. 
(2) 34 of 86 B-17s dispatched to Mardyck and Denain/Prouvy Airfields hit the target at 1922 and 1905 hours respectively. 182 P-47 Thunderbolts are dispatched to escort the bombers but they carry out fighter sweeps; 3 P-47's are lost.

Frigates HMS Ballinderry and Odzani commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

GERMANY: German doctors are allegedly turning the Hippocratic Oath on its head, using healthy prisoners as human guinea pigs for gruesome, often futile, medical experiments.

The experiments are performed at the Ravensbruck concentration camp, near Mecklenburg, according to the Polish interior ministry in exile. Today it published claims of abdominal surgery, the removal of bones and tissue from limbs and the deliberate infection of patients with tetanus and tuberculosis. In this way Professor Julius Gepphard has killed and crippled many.

Meanwhile, at Dachau, a camp near Munich, the Czech surgeon Dr. Franz Blaha has become expert in stripping skin from prisoners' corpses; it is then cured and dried until it becomes like leather. In the camp workshops, the skin becomes purses, handbags, gloves, slippers, lampshades and riding breeches. Items of human skin - especially bearing tattoos - are prized by SS men as gifts for their wives.

Should the workshops, manned by prisoners who were previously craftsmen and leatherworkers, run out of material, the senior doctor, Sigismund Rascher, picks out 20 or so healthy-skinned young people and has them shot - in the neck, so as to not spoil their skins.

Ilse Koch, at Buchenwald camp, near Weimar, runs another of Hitler's "tanneries."

GERMANY: Hitler appoints Albert Speer, the minister of armaments and munitions, to the new post of Reich minister for arms and war production.

U-243, U-244, U-1195 and U-1196 launched.
U-861 and U-994 commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

U.S.S.R.: The Soviet government announces the liberation of Lisichansk, Kommunarsk and other cities in the Donets basin.

ITALY: Almost 200 B-17s and B-25s of the US Twelfth Air Force bomb marshalling yards at Bologna, Trento, Bolzano, and Cancello Arnone; bombers and fighters escorting the B-25s claim 28 enemy airplanes shot down; and tactical aircraft, including RAF and US Ninth Air Force airplanes, hit gun positions and other targets on the Italian toe, bomb rail communications at Bova Marina, Locri, Marina di Monasterace, Siderno Marina, Lamezia, and Catanzaro, and attack barges in the Golfo di Sant' Eufemia and an ammunition dump at Saptri.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: The Italian mainland defenses near Reggio are shelled by British battleships HMS Valiant and HMS Warspite.

HONG KONG: 10 US Fourteenth Air Force B-25s and 5 P-40s bomb Hong Kong hitting the Kowloon area and attack shipping off Stonecutter's Island and in the Lai Chi Kok area.

PACIFIC OCEAN: TwoUSNsubmarine sink Japanese ships. USS Seawolf (SS-197) sinks an army cargo ship in the East China Sea in position 31.28N, 127.24E, and USS Snapper (SS-185) sinks an escort vessel, 85 miles (137 kilometres) north-northwest of Truk, Caroline Islands, in position 08.40N, 151.31E.  (Jack McKillop)

COMMONWEALTH OF THE PHILIPPINES: The USN submarine USS Bowfin (SS-287) delivers supplies and evacuates certain people from Binuni Point, Mindanao.  (Jack McKillop)

SOLOMON ISLANDS: 24 US Thirteenth Air Force B-25s and 60+ USMC aircraft pound Vila on Kolombangara Island, hitting AA and artillery positions and the area east of Ringa Cove on New Georgia Island. 18 B-24s, 20+ P-40s and P-39Airacobras, and 60+ USMC planes attack Kahili on Bougainville Island; shore installations, the airfield, and bridges north of the strip are hit.

NEW GUINEA: US Fifth Air Force B-25s, with 40 P-38 escorts, attack shipping at Wewak harbour, sinking 2 transports and damaging a third and shooting down 9 aircraft; barrage balloons offer some protection to the enemy ships. This is first USAAF observation of Japanese use of such balloons in the Southwest Pacific Area.

CANADA: Minesweeper HMS Moon (ex-HMCS Mimico) launched Toronto. Ontario.
Along with destroyers HMCS Algonquin (ex-HMS Valentine) and HMS Wessex. (Dave Shirlaw)


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