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June 26th, 1943 (SATURDAY)

UNITED KINGDOM: RAF Air Marshall Trafford L Leigh-Mallory is given responsibility for drafting air plans for the invasion of the Continent. His deputy is USAAF Brigadier General Haywood S Hansell, Jr.

US VIII Bomber Command Mission Number 68: 165 B-17s are dispatched against the Vilacoublay, France air depot; 12 hit the target while six hit the secondary target, Poissy Airfield, and 39 bomb Tricqueville Airfield; they claim 17-5-10 Luftwaffe aircraft; five B-17s are lost and 14 others are damaged. Five YB-40 escort bombers take off to accompany the B-17s but none are able to complete the attack. (Jack McKillop)

Patrol vessel HMS Kildary launched.

Corvette HMS Farnham Castle laid down.

Frigate HMS Helford commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

FRANCE: Lille: Resistance fighters led by a British agent, Michael Trotobas, blow up a German locomotive plant.


U-879, U-1207 laid down.

U-821 launched.

U-288, U-428 commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)

ARCTIC OCEAN: U-302 transferred a weather reporting troop to U-625. (Dave Shirlaw)

MEDITERRANEAN SEA: At 0955, the Toufic Allah was sunk by U-81 with 48 rounds from the deck gun 40 miles WSW of Beirut.

At 1410, the Nelly (approx. 80 tons) was sunk by U-81 with 30 rounds from the deck gun. (Dave Shirlaw)

BLACK SEA: U-20 was attacked by an escort with depth charges. Due to heavy damage the boat had to return to base. (Dave Shirlaw)

PACIFIC OCEAN: On 27 May, the submarine USS Runner (SS-275) departed Midway Island for the Kurile Island chain and waters off northern Japan. No report was heard from her. Captured Japanese records indicated that she sank the cargo ship Seinan Maru on 11 June in Tsugaru Strait off Hokaido, and the passenger-cargo ship Shinryu Maru on 26 June off Matsuwa Island, Kurile Islands. USS Runner was declared overdue and presumed lost in July 1943 and struck from the Navy list on 30 October 1943.

TERRITORY OF ALASKA: In the Aleutian Islands, the US Eleventh Air Force16 bombers and 28 fighters fly seven attack, weather reconnaissance and photo missions to Kiska and Little Kiska Islands, starting fires. Intense machine gun fire damages four P-38's. TwoUSNPV-1 Venturas also bomb Kiska.

Kiska is also bombed by two US Navy Lockheed PV-1 Venturas based on Amchitka Island.


Minesweepers USS Palisade and Opponent launched.

Destroyer escort USS Mosley launched.

Destroyer escorts USS Flaherty and Donnell commissioned. (Dave Shirlaw)


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